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2011 hot sale 10Ton palm kernel/lemongrass/palm oil extraction plant

Price: US $ 78,936.3 - 105,968.8 / S
Brand Name: WANDA
Model Number: 6YL
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 18,2012

Product Description: 2011 hot sale 10Ton palm kernel/lemongrass/palm oil extraction plant

2011 hot sale 10Ton palm kernel/lemongrass

/palm oil extraction plant

1. High refining reat with less loss
2. The product oil has consistent quality
3. No waste water during the process


Oil refining plant workshop content :
oil refining workshop is  processing different oil throught off impurity, degumming, decolor, deodorization, dewaxing, fractionation and other processes in order to achieve different edible oils standards and capabilities.

Currently, the China oil standards are divided into one, two, three, four; different oils quality standards for the different requirements.



 process: crude oil refining pot with the pump pump, the degumming and neutralization operations. When the clear separation of oil and soap, sink quickly, stop stirring, standing, and then suck out the top edible vegetable oil to the wash tank. Soap emptying tube in the bottom of the barrel to the soap when the soap contains more oil, stop playing soap, soap soap from the pump into the tank. Oil refinery tank mixed with the remaining under the pot to continue. Transfer of edible vegetable oil refinery tank after washing can be adsorbed to the bleaching bleaching. Bleaching oil filter with a filter pump to the leaves, then transferred to further filter polishing filter, after cooler cooled filling into the bleaching edible vegetable oil. Decolorizing edible vegetable oil from the tank by the heat exchange tank clean sucked into sweetening the pot for deodorization, deodorizer in the residual pressure 3-5 Torr under the state, deodorization of oil into the heat exchange tank, after release, marking the next pot of edible vegetable oil by heat exchange of sweetening the pot can inhaled into the next round of deodorization. Deodorizer in the heat exchange tank after the oil by heat, cool with cold water, pump out the polishing filter into the deodorization tank. Then after a further dewaxing and degreasing oil. 

4, in order to ensure fuel quality, all the equipment and pipelines should be made of stainless steel. Major equipment: refining pot, soap tanks, bleaching pot, pot sweetening, leaf filter, four steam jet pump, water jet pump
5, the main features: simple operation, easy to control the quality of refined oil products


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Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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