Lightsheer laser hair removal machine for sale

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Post Date: Mar 18,2012

Product Description: Lightsheer laser hair removal machine for sale

Lightsheer laser hair removal machine for sale 

Freezing Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal System


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Treatment principle
808nm wavelength laser can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, to reach the roots of the hair follicle, the use of laser photothermolysis effect, melanin-rich follicles in the tissue absorbs a lot of laser energy, the temperature rapidly increased, so hair-regeneration, without damage to surrounding tissue, not damage the skin and sweat glands, sweat does not affect does not affect the normal functions of sebum secretion, slight pain.

In the destruction of hair follicles and hair shaft, while other melanoma tissue, using the principle of thermal diffusion around the hair follicle stem cells are dependent tissue thermal damage, thus preventing the hair from the root growth of the resurrection, which will permanently remove hair, to achieve permanent The purpose of hair removal, and can promote the dermal layer of collagen and elastic fibers rapid proliferation, re-arranged, the collapse of deep color, soft and smooth skin whitening.


Range of treatment
Hair: the safety for all types of hair removal, relative to the long-pulsed 1064nm laser, IPL, E light equipment, freezing 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal also has the security of long-wavelength laser combined with the rapid slide of its technology, multi-pulse technology large spot technology, 10HZ frequency technology, long pulse, ultra-high-power hair removal is the most secure, fast, painless and efficient, the preferred hair removal equipment.
(1) suitable for all skin types get rid of unwanted hair;
(2) shrink pores, tighten skin;
(3) vasodilation, varicose veins.

System advantages

Technical parameters




Repairing: we promise life time warranty,If the machine you buyed from us have problems within three year,we shall send you necessary parts with free costs for your own replacement.You needn't return the machine for repairing, because we shall provide you online technical guide to teach you replace the parts.



1.3years free warranty for replace the parts
2.Only in Frist year, LUCKYBEAUTY offer the express charge for shipment the parts.
3.Online instruct
4.When order is more than 10pc, LUCKYBEAUTY will offer one sets parts. Include: filter, handle screen, power board…


Exchange: All items from us will be entitled to a 1to1 exchange in case you uncover the item is faulty within 14 days when item is signed. Please note returning item should IN ORIGINAL SHAPE, that means this warranty Will not COVER harm caused by mishandling, abusing, alteration, neglect, disassembly or dropping. Soon after checking we shall send you a brand new set. In this exchanging case, buyer must take the shipping cost from your country to China, and we take the shipping fee from China to your address.



1.Ship by Express to door need 4-5days.(DHL.TNT.UPS.FEDEX.EMS)
2.Ship by Normal air to airport need 5-7days.
3.Ship by sea from Shanghai port need 30-40days.




















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