GSM GPS Tracking System/Car GPS Tracker with GPRS/GSM/SMS for Fleet Vehicle Management

Price: US $ 65 - 81 / Unit
Brand Name: UVI
Model Number: GPS-PT300
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 17,2012

Product Description: GSM GPS Tracking System/Car GPS Tracker with GPRS/GSM/SMS for Fleet Vehicle Management

GPS Tracker and Car Security Alarm System and Web-server software for Real time tracking
PT300 is a high-tech GPS vehicle tracking product through cooperation with mobile operators. This GPS vehicle tracker combines GPS Global Positioning System and GSM/GPRS communication system, which can clearly inform you the position & situation of your car. GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, which based on 24 position location satellites around the earth orbit. Their locating precision can be kept within 10 to 15 meters. GSM is the second digital mobile communication system (GPRS, second and fifth digital mobile communication system), and at present it is the mobile communication system that has the largest coverage and owns the most number of users. This product combines GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies together. It uses GPS system to locate your car, and sends the position/ situation report back to you via GSM/GPRS communication system.

GPS Real-time Tracking function:
This GPS vehicle tracking system support GPRS, You can build a real-time server, and set the IP and port to the GPS tracking device, so customers can see the device on map real-time. We can help you to build your own real-time tracking server.PT300 Works well with our software, easy install and no monthly fee, you can provide professional gps tracking service for your country's customers with low cost now, promote sales of your trackers.

GPS Position Tracking Function:

With this function, the vehicle owner will be able to know the address and geographic coordinates, direction, and other related information of the car anytime in any place. The report methods can be via SMS (short message service). You can also select a one time report or continuous report (GPS tracking function). Specification:
Power Supply+9V to +40V Power Consumption For VBATTActive mode(peak) < 1.0A
Active mode(avg.) < 300mA
Idle mode < 50mA
Sleep mode < 5mA Operating Temperature Range-20∩ to +60∩ Storage Temperature Range-20∩ to +70∩ HumidityUp to 75% non-codensing External AntennaConnected via the 503 coax connector External SIM CardConnected via SIM Card connector SIM card type3V Transmit PowerClass 4(2W) for E-GSM 900 and 850
Class 1(1W) for DCS 1800
Class 1(1W) for PCS 1900 Sensitivity-104 dBm minimum for E-GSM 900 and 850
-102 dBm minimum for DCS 1800
-102 dBm minimum for PCS 1900 Speech CodecTriple rate Codec:
Half rate –ETS 06.20
Full rate –ETS 06.10
Enhance Full rate-ETS 06.50/06.06/06.08 GPRSMulti-slot Class 8(4Rx , 1Tx , 5 slot Max.) Support all 4 coding schemes(CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4)
Maximum download speed is 85.6kbps
Maximum upload speed is 21.4kbps Circuit-Switched Data Rate14.4kbps Interface Full duplex 3V CMOS-level Serial interface for AT commands protocol Dimensions 11.4 x 8.0 x 2.0 (cm) How GPS vehicle tracking system works:
Connect to extra relay to cut off oil/engine:

Connect with alarm:
Product Parts List:1*AVL Panel ; 1*GPS Antenna ; 1*GSM Antenna ; 1*Connection wires : 1*Relay for cutting off engine

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