STM32 development board TFT CORTEX-M3 core ARM development board #2

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Product Description: STM32 development board TFT CORTEX-M3 core ARM development board #2

   Hardware parameters: • using ST's STM32F103RB chips * (72MHz, 128KB Flash, 20KB SRAM, 2 × SPI, 2 × I2C, USB, CAN, PWM, 2 × ADC, 3 × USART, 3 16-bit timer - 8 / 16 bit microcontroller Terminator) • industrial design, stable operation at -40 to 85 degrees Celsius • 1 serial ports • 1 x CAN ports • 1 USB interface, • 1 x SD Card slot • 1 x 160x128 dot matrix color TFT LCD • Standard 20-pin JTAG port for downloading and debugging • 1 adjustable analog voltage control input for the ADC is used to test the ADC STM32F103 characteristics. • 1 speakers used to test the PWM output. • 1 in just five to joystick, as the switch input used. • 1 24C02 I2C devices • have to chip all the signals leads to facilitate the secondary development Software example: Our example from simple to complex, easy to understand, because the configuration of the LCD screen, we can easily observe the results. GPIO Test 1: Output Yun simple example, LED light Lit LCD backlight: PWM test LCD backlight boost by the PWM driver circuit, as is the hardware PWM, so do not take as long as the set up after the CPU resources, but also simplifies the hardware. Lit LCD screen GPIO hardware simulation using timing to drive liquid crystal liquid crystal. Examples: • Display the English string • Display character • Display bitmap BMP GPIO Test 2: Input - Enter the test - Games ADC test Use of board potentiometer to change the ADC's input voltage. PWM output test: Keyboard Use the PWM timer function to drive speakers, by changing the ADC potentiometer, given different frequencies of sound. I2C test: reading and writing EEPROM Reader board I2C devices 24C02. USB Interface Simulate a U disk. SD card test Ported open source file system FatFS to STM32. Serial Communications Test -UART0 ways to search -UART0 interrupt CAN bus communication test CAN bus transceiver test. Timer test: use interrupt RTC test External interrupt test GPIO is set to an external interrupt. Intrusion Detection Test Watchdog Test Open watchdog observed after the reset if you do not feed the dog situation. Software interrupt test Real-time operating system tests: uC / OS-II Real-time operating system, uC / OS-II of the basic experiment, open the two tasks.   STM32 development board:1, testing the STM32 development board through a board2, serial cable 13, USBMINI cable 14, with the board supporting information and data CD 1ULINKMINI:1, an emulator board2, USBMINI line3, the standard 20-core JTAG connection line

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