Deep Cycle trojan battery

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Model Number: Deep Cycle battery Series
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Post Date: Mar 15,2012

Product Description: Deep Cycle trojan battery

Safety and Sealed

No eletrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case or case of any Jackpower Battery ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Maintenance-Free operation

There is no need to add water thanks to unique gas recombination system which totally transforms the generated gas into water.

Jackpower batteries do not need the equalizing charge

As a result of monomer battery's interface resistance capacity and float voltage uniformity are fine.

No Free Acid

The special eletrolyte retentive separators bold the acid and thus there is no free acid inside the battery,and thererfore the battery can be mounted in any position.

Long life Design

The use of heavy -duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anti-corrosive construction enables the Jackpower AGM battery to remain in float service for 10-15 years;the GEL battery to remain in float service for 15-20 years.The cycle life can be more than 1000 cycles

High Reliability and stable quality

With advancing AGM and GEL production technology and strictly quality control system,the battery quality is stable and the battery performence is reliable.The voltage,capacity and seal are 100% tested on line.


The self discharge rate in room temperature is approximately 2% of nominal Capacity per month.

Operating temperature

The Jackpower Battery can be operated between -40°C to +65°C.The battery can give out over40% fo nominal capacity at -40°C.

International standardproducts

All of Jackpower battery meets the IEC standard,JIS standard.Earo Bat standard.BS standard and GB standard.


ModelNominal voltage(V)Capacity(Ah)Internal resistance(mΩ)Terminal TypeWeight(kg)JP1250D12533T11.7JP1270D12820T12.35JP1290D12919T12.6JP12120D121217T23.7JP12180D121817T3/T85.5JP12200D122015T3/T85.8JP12240D122412T3/T88.3JP12280D122810T3/T89JP1870D18742plug3.8JP1890D18940plug4JP2445D244.560plug3.2JP24100D241050plug5.8JP24140D241445plug8.2JP36120D361260plug9.8LJP6100D61003.3T916.5LJP6150D61503.2T1123.5LJP6200D62003.1T5/T1132LJP1233D123310T7/T910.2LJP1240D12409.5T4/T913.5LJP1250D12506.2T5/T917.5LJP1255D12555.8T5/T918LJP1260D12605.7T5/T920.5LJP1270D12705.5T5/T922.5LJP1280D12805.4T5/T925.5LJP1265D12656T5/T922LJP1290D12905.5T5/T927LJP12100D121004.5T5/T931LJP12120D121204T5/T1136LJP12150D121503.5T5/T1146LJP12180D121803.5T20/T1156LJP12200D122003T5/T1165LJP12250D122502.6T5/T1178

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