OSRAM 12V HID Conversion Kit Automotive Headlight/headlamp

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Brand Name: OSRAM
Model Number: HB4
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 15,2012

Product Description: OSRAM 12V HID Conversion Kit Automotive Headlight/headlamp

HID bulb Type



General description

Color temperature

Liife span





4200 /6000K

>3000 hours




OSRAM HID Conversion Kit

Product features:

1, brightness increased 300%, which ensure drivers have good vision

2, super white 80%, have good colour reduction on mark and obstacles, identify more relaxed, driving more enjoyable

3, over the ordinary lamp 150 meters, set aside more reaction time for high-speed driving.

4, the centre light for automotive have stronger air-penetration, provides security for driving in rainy and  foggy weather

5,The design of preventing the ultraviolet glass-shells can protect lamps and lanterns effectively


6, satisfy automotive original accessory requirements, OEM quality

7, Its tube won the European Union certification committee E1 authentication



8,It have H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, 9005, 9006, H11 and D1S, D2S, 8.8, D2R models to choose from.


HID xenon metal-halide lamp is an artistic innovation in lighting industry. Compared with the traditional auto bulbs,it is different, metal-halide lamp is no longer traditional tungsten luminescence, but through the collision between atoms, produce gas discharge arc shine, and through the electronic ballast control make the gas discharge maintain the stable luminous state. Gas discharge shine can produce higher flux in the same power and luminous efficiency is 300% higher than halogen lamps. Moreover, due to the different shine principle, compared with the traditional  halogen metal-halide lamp 3200K Its colour temperature reached 5500K, ,which is closer to the sunshine.


Driving more relaxed

Metal-halide lamp can provide higher flux to light up roads and road marking objects. Driver will also found the obstacles and danger ahead faster and more accurately, even long distance drive at night,the drivers will also be more safe and relaxed.



Note: since automotive HID and corresponding electronic equipment is not optional collocation, it should be replaced in professional stores . Incorrect operation will lead to vehicle damage, because incorrect refitting which result in vehicles damage will cause unnecessary insurance disputes. 

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