VCI wrapping paper for steel, steel packing paper, reinforced wrapping paper

Price: US $ 1,500 - 2,500 / Metric T
Brand Name: CVCI
Model Number: SF
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 15,2012

Product Description: VCI wrapping paper for steel, steel packing paper, reinforced wrapping paper

The steel plate is susceptible to corrosion and mechanic damage due to environmental factor during storage and transportation, so the packaging of corrosion protection must be applied. Multifunctional VCI paper is the heavy-duty packaging material used for steel plate producing different physical strength and good barrier, made from neutral kraft paper coating special volatile corrosion inhibitors and laminating with one layer or multiple layers of plastic film or plastic woven cloth, to meet packaging protection need of cold-rolled plates with different coats.


Metals protected:
Models SF/H 104 and 102, used for cold-rolled plates;
Model SF/H110, used for silicon steel plate;
Model SF/D305, used for galvanized plate;
Model SF/D318, used for tin-coated plate;
Model SF/C306, used for colour coated plate;
Model SF/D303, used for aluminium-zinc coated plate


In terms of structure, PA and WA are commonly used for the packaging material of light and small plate shearing and punching parts; PC and PD can be used for the packaging of vertical and horizontal roll plate and box plate.


Method of use:
VCI can be used as the outer packaging material of corrosion protection for a single cold-rolled plate painted with and without oil in transit and as the inner packaging material for a single cold-rolled plate painted with/without oil during lay-up protection.

Application of VCI paper:
VCI paper is used for the packaging material of cold-rolled plates, their cutting and punching parts in metallurgical industry.

Packaging: Maximum width 3100mm, roll type or sheet type. VCI can be produced as customers requirements.


Excellent vapor and contact performance of corrosion protection, the term of validity can be up to 1-2 years.
Good vapor anticorrosion effect on the complicated structural surfaces or special-shaped surfaces.
User-friendly, it can be directly used without cleaning after being opened.
Safe, environmentally friendly, and contains no harmful chemicals, such as nitrite, phosphate, etc.
Combining the packaging and anticorrosion function into one step.


Warning for use:
Properly use the VCI packaging material as stipulation in GB/T 14188.
Ensure the cleanliness and dry of the packed metal.
The side containing volatile corrosion inhibitor will face the packed metal.
Keep the whole package relatively seal.
The compatibility for other non-ferrous metals need verification in laboratory.


VCI paper shall be stored in a dry, cold place and keep tightly close. Avoid original package damage. The term of validity of VCI paper is one year since the date leaving the factory.

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