YNpeptide Wrinkles Removing Clear Skin Moisture Natural Skin Care Product

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Post Date: Mar 15,2012

Product Description: YNpeptide Wrinkles Removing Clear Skin Moisture Natural Skin Care Product

1. Product information


Codfish collagen hydrolysates, wheat germ and potato extracts


• Food-grade

• Extracted from natural food instead of chemical synthesis

• Wheat germ as the source of ceramide instead of animal ones, thus no concern with BSE or antibiotics


1. Marine Collagen Peptide (molecular weight under 3000KD):

Hydrolyzed from marine collagen to produce various growth factors of reverse phenomenon to become young; improve the penetration of stratum corneum to maintain skin moisture.

2. Ceramide from wheat germ:

Exist mainly in intercellular lipid of human stratum corneum; an important component in to maintain soft, elastic and resilient skin

3. Isomalto Oligosaccharide (IMO) from potato starch:

Has a mellow sweetness without calories and does not cause tooth decay; it is used directly for proliferation by beneficial bacteria in large intestine, metabolic products decrease the intestinal pH value, promote intestinal peristalsis, inhibit growth of harmful bacteria therefore reduce toxic wastes

4. Multi-Vitamin (Vitamin A, C, D3 & E):

Extracted from fruits and processed by micro-capsule technique; inhibit the formation of melanin and harmful reactive oxygen species as well as prevent oxidation

Operating Mechanism

• Isomalto oligosaccharides promote immune function and cell regeneration in subcutaneous layer

• Ceramide prevents the secretion of collagenase-like protease and elastase as well as achieves skin moisturizing

• The combination formula of effective ingredients works even better with antioxidant vitamins


Skin whitening and regeneration

Wrinkle elimination

• Initiate activity and regeneration of epithelial cells, fibroblastes, granulocytes, basement membrane cells and immune cells of skin

• Promotes immune function, cell regeneration and metabolism of subcutaneous layer

• Promote reproductive function of collagen and fibrin layer of subcutaneous tissue layer

• Promote physiological functions such as in vivo hygiene and detoxification

Prevent bacterial infection of injured skin or burned skin

• Reduce digestion and absorption of fat and sugar in intestine

• Enhances body’s various functions


2. Advantages

Extracted from natural food material instead of chemical synthesisProper size of collagen peptide on the basis of USP, effective fragments are able to be up-taken and used by human bodyOral treatment of ceramide is 2~3 times more effective than applying on skinEffective on the whole bodyA treatment for burns, scald and post-operation rehabilitation due to its efficacy of wounds healing and anti-inflammatoryConsume 2g a day, can see significant outcomes in a month


3. Techniques:

We have spent almost 4 years in this research in association with two well known universities, namely Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Oregon State University.The research and development team utilized the patented technology to extract active fragments from natural raw materials. A variety of small peptide compounds are therefore created according to the functions of active fragments and used for new generation health foods.


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Japan patent No.: 3962538   


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