For WII Skidproof Rechargeable Battery Pack

Price: US $ 1 - 10 / Piece
Brand Name: FX
Model Number: FXW-024
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 15,2012

Product Description: For WII Skidproof Rechargeable Battery Pack

Introduction :

Wii skidproof rechargeable battery pack is designed and developed for Wii controller, embedded rechargeable battery, which is easy to use and very convenient. Insert it into Wii controller, then it could be operated. It can be taken out from the controller to charge, also can be directly charged in the controller. When charging, the green light will be flash every two seconds; Before it is full, the flash frequency will become slow; When it is full, LED light is on. Undee shape is fit for somatological design after grasping the battery pack.


Using Method:

1. Insert the DC plug of the USB power line to the DC jack of the battery pack.(Make sure the plug is inserted into the jack completely.) (PIC 1)

2. Insert the plug of the USB power line to the USB port of WII console or computer. (PIC 2)

3. Indicator light will be green and glittery.

4. When charge full, the LED light is on.

5. Charge over, please pull out the plug of the USB power line from WII console or computer, and then pull out the DC plug from the battery pack..



1. Adopt imitate original design, not influence the operation of WII controller and other accessories connects in.

2. Convenient replacing WII battery pack makes the controller using more fluent.

3. Repeat charging fuction can avoid replacing the battery frequently.

4. It is more convenient with USB plug charge.

5. After installing it into the controller will not increase the weight of the controller, which makes comfortable feeling when using.

6. The large capability can extend the using time of the WII controller.

7. Can be recharged by constant voltage, pulse width modulation and purling method.

8. Current: 500MA

9. Voltage: 5V

10. Battery capacity: 1200mAh

11.Net weight:80g (included cable)


Charging method:

1. Please charge the battery when it is first used or not used for long time.

2. Having charged battery, if not using, the electricity also will reduce. If long time not using may cause the battery pack can not charge again. Please charge two times a year at least.

3. It can repeat charge and discharge for 500 times. As the environment temperature and its characteristic factors, the using time will be shorter gradually after repeat charge and discharge. About charge and discharge after 500 times, the using time is 70% of the new battery.

4. The charge time is about 4 hours.(Inspect the residual electricity of the rechargeable battery.)

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Shenzhen Jin Fu Xin Electronics Co., Ltd.

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