Car Security Alarm System

Price: US $ 800 - 1,000 / Set
Brand Name: ChaoYue
Model Number: CY-03
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 14,2012

Product Description: Car Security Alarm System

Car Security Automatic Alarm System: 

Mainly composed of the distance testing system and information processing system.



Automatically detect the obstacles in front of car and judge its impact based on the speed of car.When obstructions in front of the car poses a threat,the system will automatically alarm to war.



1. Small in volume, convenient to operate and easy to install

2. Fit all various kinds of cars

3. Directly installed without any change to the car's original structure and performance

4. Drivers can customize the alarm settings based on their own needs.


Auto Safety FrontView Alarm System



Display Method


Number of Buttons


Communication interface


Supply Voltage


Power Consumption


Ambient Temperature




Supporting Parts

lyw080512 host (must be installed)

xs080606 display harness (must be installed)

tt080606 detector components (must be installed)

sc080606 brake system (Optional)

Annotated: If the brake controller is installed, the system can brake the car

automatically when necessary;


If not, the system can alarm the driver, but cannot brake the car.


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These products are high-tech products, combining sound, light, electricity and machine together. The products are mainly composed of the distance testing system(Radar Detector), information processing system(Host) and the brake implemention system(Brake Controller).


Main Functions:

1.       Automatically detect the obstacles in front of the car and judge its impact based on the speed of vehicle.When obstructions in front of the car poses a threat,the system will automatically alarm to warn the drivers,and the drivers can take corresponding measures to avoid possible accidents. 

2.       If the drivers do not hear the alarm,or they hear the alarm but have not taken measures or take improper measures,the system will automatically activate deceleration and braking functions to effectively protect the vehicle and personnel. 

3.    When obstacles do not pose a threat,the system will take no action,there is no any impact to accelerating and overtaking performance of the car in such case. Moreover the system can play an effective role of automatic anti-collsion both in the daytime and at night. 


Product features:

1.     The product is small in volume,convenient to operate and easy to install. It fits all various kinds of cars and can be directly installed to use without any change to the car's original structure and performance. 

2.      When facing obstacles in front which might produce threat to the car,the system can automatically alarm the driver,decelerate and brake the vehicle.This function can minimize or even avoid the risk of car crashes with obstacles,enabling the anti-collision function. 

3.       Multiple protection function,reliability of the design and adoption of a large number of imported automotive-grade components make the system outstanding in anti-interference ability and reliability performance. 

4.      Depending on the humanized designs,the system does not affect original car performance of start,acceleration and overtaking.Moreover versatility of the system is fully demonstrated by its high-integration and high-intelligence. 

5.      Drivers can customize system alarm and braking functions based on their own needs.This system is able to meet the majority of drivers’ habits.



More Security, Less Worries.

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