(low adhesive, moderate adhesive, high adhesive) J5463-IS corona-resistant polyimide film glass mica

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Product Description: (low adhesive, moderate adhesive, high adhesive) J5463-IS corona-resistant polyimide film glass mica

J5463-IS[CR] corona-resistant polyimide film glass mica tape

(low adhesive, moderate adhesive, high adhesive)

Mica tape technical condition

1 Scope

  Technical conditions determine the test methods, inspection rules, marks, packing, transport and storage of the J5463-IS corona-resistant polyimide film glass mica tape (here in after referred to as mica tape).

  The technical conditions is applicable to the mica tape which take power mica paper as its based materials, and electrical glass cloth, CR corona resistant polyimide film as a reinforcement material on both sides,. The mica tape forming with high temperature resistant adhesive bonding has good thickness uniformity, high mica content, perfect anti-corona. It is applicable for 200 asynchronous traction motors, wind generators, oil drilling, stator windings of VVVFAC and insulation of other electrical motor and machine.

2 Reference standards

  GB/T5019-2002 mica products made from electrical insulating materials experimental methods.

  GB/T5020-2002 mica products made from electrical insulating materials general requirement.

3 Request

3.1 Appearance

  Distributed evenly, no any air bubbles, the needle eye, adhesion, delamination, foreign impurities, broken mica paper, crease of glass cloth, the phenomenon of plate loosening.

3.2 Size

3.2.1 Width

  Mica tape with a width of 20mm±1mm, 25mm±1mm, 30mm±1mm.

3.2.2 Edge curvature

  Mica tape the edge of curvature of not more than 1mm.

3.2.3 Length

  The length of Mica tape is indicated by the diameter of volume. Then diameter of Volume is 85±5mm, 95±5mm, not more than two joints, the shortest length is not less than 5mm,. The mica tape with a joint should be marked.

3.2.4 Other sizes of mica will be determined after the discussion of supplier and buyer.

3.3 Performance index table


J5463-IS (CR) Corona Resistant Glass Mica Tape

Index Name


Index value

Index value




Individual value ±0.03


Individual value ±0.03

Volatile matter content




Quantitative of GR corona –resistant polyimide membrane




Mica quantitative




Glass cloth quantitative




Adhesive quantitative




Tensile strength




Dielectric strength




Mass weight of dry material per unit area




4 Test Method

Test according to GB/T5019-2002 electrical insulation mica products.

5 Test Rules

5.1 The mica tape with same raw materials and production processes whose mass weight is not more than 500kg is called a batch. Each batch of mica tape should have the same properties, and should be tested according to section 3.1 3.2 and 3.3 of the technical conditions when leaving factory. To test other performances, one box from a batch is picked up to inspect according to the technical conditions 3.3.

5.2 Sample from 5% of the total number of boxes or more (at least 3 boxes), pick up a box, according to the technical conditions 3.1 and 3.2 to inspect, and pick up another box to inspect the other properties according to 3.3 technical conditions.

5.3 Other aspects in line with Chapter 2 of GB/T5020.

6.1 Mica tape should be rolled in tube core whose inner diameter is 40±2mm or determined by suppliers requirement.

6.2 Since the date of the factory, storage period is 6 months at room temperature.

6.3 Other aspects in line with Chapter 2 of GB/T5020.



*     During storage and transportation process, prevent the products from mechanical damage, fire source, heat sources and direct sunlight.

*     Products should be stored at low temperature (0-5), the storage period is six months, expired product should be inspected, if pass, it can still be qualified to use.

Declaration: The information and data are based on our testing and actual use experience, as reference works, when selecting products, please seek advice from our company as far as possible on the specifications, we continue to improve the product, and have the right to modify it.

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   5. Certificates: UL, ISO9001, SGS.



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