VAE wood glue

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Brand Name: yinghui
Model Number: 418,416,417
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 14,2012

Product Description: VAE wood glue

VAE Emulsion adhesive



outstanding performance and the beginning of sticky, adhesive power, drying time is short, good toughness, water, acid, antifreeze, fire retardant, non-toxic tasteless, does not affect the health, safety and environmental protection. 
 101 (418), 020 (421)-type for use in plain paper, wood, cloth and other porous materials bonding. Such as general furniture making, plywood, artificial board, paper products processing, such as cloth of bonding. 040 (416), 050 (417) is widely used in high-end home decoration, the production of high-grade furniture, all types of wood processing, export make-up of the stitching, bonding process, such as finger jointing. Specific targets are as follows:

Implementation of standards: Q/320791HAH02

ItemIndicators010(418)020(421)040(416)050(417)Appearance                                    White viscous liquidNot play a material% ≥23253035Viscosity Pa.s ≥0.5PH value5-8.5


Construction Methods:
First, the surface bonding handling dry and clean, no dirt, non-greasy, non-dust, followed by the product thin and evenly applied to the side of the body surface, the two were pressed surface adhesion can be clip, tape or re - adhesive materials were gently down the sides. Under pressure for the adhesive, clamping is necessary to extend the time. In case of rain and humid environment is not the construction. Storage and transportation:
This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, temperature controlled at 5 -40 . Year shelf life, such as plastic for more than a year without abnormal, the test may continue to use qualified.
This product is a non-dangerous goods, transport of dangerous goods transport of non-compliance with the rules, pay attention to antifreeze during transport (temperature should be larger than 5 dgree) to prevent rain and sunlight exposure, such as the necessary protection.
Note Items:
The Department stands ready to provide technical advisory services. We propose experiments to determine the products that we use for your specific application. To this end, we business-to-exceed value of their products isnot liable.

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