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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 14,2012

Product Description: HDPE geomembrane sheets

HDPE geomembrane

Product survey

1,Tianhai flat surface HDPE earthwork film is produced from high-grade polyethylene resin produced by foreign and domestic large petrochemical enterprises by three-layer pressing and plastic formation technology and double layer pressing and rolling technology.

2,The company is the only enterprise that uses the two technologies to produce earthwork film in the same industry.

3,The company has plastic formation experience for more than twenty years, makes close cooperation with earthwork builder, makes continuous innovation, seeks perfection, and makes great efforts in providing the most reliable products to the customers.


Performance feature


1,Good physical and mechanic performance, high tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability, puncture, aging, ultraviolet radiation, oil and salt, alkali and corrosion resistance,

2,high and low temperature resistance, non-toxicity, long operational lift,

3,good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects,

4,complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and simple construction.


Product application

1. Environmental protection and environmental sanitation (for example, living landfill yard, sewage treatment plant, power plant adjusting tank, industrial and hospital solid waste, etc.).

2. Water conservancy (for example, anti-seepage, leakage blockage and reinforcement of river, lake and reservoir dikes and banks, anti-seepage of canal, vertical central wall, side slope, etc.).

3. Municipal projects (underground project of subway and structure, anti-seepage of plantation roof and roof garden, lining of sewage pipe, etc.).

4. Landscape garden (man-made lake, river way, cistern, bottom lining and side slope of pool in golf course, waterproof and anti-seepage of greening lawn, etc.).

5. Petrochemical industry (anti-seepage of oil tank of chemical plant, oil refinery and filling station, lining of chemical reaction tank and sedimentation tank, etc.).

6. Mine industry (bottom lining and anti-seepage of washing and selecting tank, piling and soaking tank, ash yard, dissolution tank, pile yard and tailing, etc.).

7. Traffic facilities (reinforcement of road foundation and anti-seepage of subway and culvert).

8. Agriculture (anti-seepage of ditch, channel, reservoir, drinking water tank, pool and irrigation system).

9. Aquiculture industry (lining of intensive and plant type cultivation tank, fish pound and shrimp pool, side slope of sea cucumber ring, etc.).

10. Salt industry (crystal tank of salt field, tarpaulin cover of halogenation tank, salt film, plastic tarpaulin cover of salt tank).

Supplier Details:

Shandong Tianhai New Material Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Ming Xiao

Contact Phone:86-0531-13854144120

Main Products:Waterproof Membrane

Business type:Manufacturer


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