water heater air source heat pump

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Brand Name: Tymz-95/100B
Model Number: Tymz-95/100B
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 04,2011

Product Description: water heater air source heat pump

Energy-efficient:The ratio output against input is coefficient of performance (COP). Normally it can be more than 3, and that of traditional electric boiler is lower than 0.95. That of gas, and fuel of boiler will be less than 06-0. 8. The efficiency of the coal-burning boiler is even lower, generally only 0.3-0.7. Safety and security:The heating is between water and electricity is completely separated, which avoidthe hidden risks like flammable, explosive, electric shock and toxicosis. Environmentally friendly:There is no waste water, waste residue, used heat, the waste gas discharged. It willnot produce any pollution to the atmosphere and environment.Easy to install:The unit can be installed in the outdoor vacant lot, the roof, the balcony, the places like the large-scale garage parking, storey of the equipment, etc., No special equipment room is necessary. Modular controlling function As per the actual requirements, one or more units can be added to combine a heat water supply system, which are controlled by modular. Automatically adjust the running period and the program, which can ensure the right running and high efficient water supply. Convenient operation:The system is controlled by the microcomputer. It can switch on and off automatically as per the water temperature. Defrost automatically:The intelligent flexible defrosting program can establish the parameter of defrosting and control the scheme according to the climatic conditions of different areas, enable defrosting more completely, more flexible, energy-conservation. Auto switch on/off function:The user can set the auto start time of the system. Running at vale period saves the cost. Auto anti-freezing:Auto anti-freezing function ensures the water system not to be cracked in very low ambient temperature. Automatic energy balance: According to ambiguous controlling principle, the unit checks the load dynamically. When the unit reaches the setting temperature, the unit keeps the load in balance. Thus running in the summer under very high ambient temperature will not be overloaded, and in the winter under low temperature runs stable and efficiently.Business water resource center:It is especially suitable for the hotel, Sauna center, motel, school, industrial shower center and indoor swimming pull.

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