High power COB LED 5W

Price: US $ 1 - 20 / Piece
Brand Name: BRIGHTEK
Model Number: BT-LB5
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 14,2012

Product Description: High power COB LED 5W

High power COB LED 5W


Part No.Lighting ColorPower(W)VF(V)CCT(K)IV(Lm)CRI2θ1/2Test conditionLB 5WCool White59-115460-6650330±1080±3120450mALB 5WWarm white59-112730-3160300±1080±3120450mA

           Super high flux output and high luminance

l              Designed for high current operation

l              Low thermal resistance

l              UV resistance

l              Superior ESD Protection

l              Lead free product

l              RoHS compliant

LED USAGE& Handling Instructions


Dear valued clients

Thank you for choose our LED products. LEDs are delicate products that should be handled according to the below instructions.

A storage

1. LED should be stored in an environment with ambient temperature of 23+5 23.——5C and relative humidity 40%-70%.

2.LEDs should be used within three months of being taken out of their original packages to avoid lead frame, soak LED in alcohol for a time not exceeding one minute in normal temperature.


B Cleaning

Do not use unidentified chemical to clean LEDs. It could damage or crack the LED epoxy surface, if necessary, soak LED in alcohol for a time not exceeding one minute in normal temperature.

C LEAD Frames Shaping& Trimming

1 The shaping should be done underneath the wedge point. No pressure should be exerted to the epoxy shell of the LED during shaping.

2 Bending of the leads should be done at least 4mm from the base of LED lens,

3 shaping of the leads should be done before soldering

4 Lead trimming should only be done at normal temperature.


D soldering

1 when soldering, the soldering iron needs to be at least 2mm away from the epoxy edge. After soldering, allow at least 3 minutes for LEDs cool back to normal temperature, do not apply any pressure to the expoxy encapsulation or the lead frame during the soldering process.

2 when reflow soldering or wave soldering, pls solder once for less 5seconds at a maximum temperature of 260C . During the soldering process. If the temperature or timing is not controlled within limits it would cause the epoxy to deform or cause the die or wires the LED to be damaged.


3 when using soldering iron ,pls solder once for less 5 seconds at a maximum temperature of 300 C . When soldering a row of LED on a PCB, pls do not solar both leads of a LED in sequence (solder all positive lead first. The all the negative leads)

4 Do not dip the epoxy encapsulation part of LED into any soldering paste liquid.

5 After soldering. Do not adjust the location of LED any more.\

6 When attaching electronic parts to a PCB with LEDs, the curing time fir the whole PCB should be less than 60 seconds, at less than a temperature of 120C.


E installation,

1 During the installation process, do not pressure to the lands,

2 please make sure the installation holes on PCB matches the leads of LED,



1 LED is very sensitive to ESD. Pls make sure during the whole usage and installation process, that no ESD exist to affect the LED Excessive ESD could damage the LED chip and result in performance degradation

2 LED can also damaged by electrical surge. Please make sure any driving electrical circuits are equipped with surge protection.

3 During the stallation process, Pls make sure all the equipment and personne are grounded properly. Make use ESD protection equipment such as anti-static gloves. anti-static wrist brands, anti-static mats. Anti-static clothes. Anti-static shoes and anti-staic containers


4 when LED come into contact with low electrical resistance metallic surfaces; the ESD could damage the LED due to sudden discharge of ESD. Please make sure all surfaces that will be in contact with LED are covered with anti-static mats( Surface electrical resistance of 106-108Ω/sq). LED should be placed in ati-static containers and anti-static bags.

5 All soldering irons should be grounded and production environment should make use of ion-blowers.



    pls comply with government electrical safety code while using the LEDs.Do not look directly into a lit LED, It could damage the eyes after only for a few seconds.Do not look directly into powered UV Leds, it could damage the eyes after only a few seconds (UV LEDS are mainly used in currency validating machines.


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