HFT-298 intermittent rotary label printing machine

Price: US $ 100,000 - 400,000
Brand Name: Hongfat
Model Number: HFT-298
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 13,2012

Product Description: HFT-298 intermittent rotary label printing machine


HF-298A shaftless letterpress rotary printing machine       

HF-Shaftless rotary SPECIFICATIONS

Max. web width

Max. printing width

Max. printing area
300mm X 200mm (Shaft less rotary)

Max. printing speed
 8,000 imp/hr
Depends on the printing material

was pleased. HF-shaftless rotary has been built and past long term test and it will be the turning point for the label printing industrial.

HF-shaftless rotary is a very unique shaftless rotary Label printing Machine with web feeder, 4 to 8 sets of printing units, 4 to 8 sets of UV dryers, UV control cabinet and blowers , unwinder , second pass unit , printing plate setting machine , tools of the machine as standard equipment. The optional equipment is including rewinder, slitter, back side printing unit, cold-stamping , hot-stamping, flat-bed die-cutting and hole puncher. There are also available for single station of Flat-bed Die-cut station.
The new features of HF shaftless rotary with no one else have

1. Improved ink supply system
Automatic ink feeding with motor. The ink feeding system is hongfat patent.

2. High safe features are approved
No matter when or where operator is working, he/she is well protected by the safety devices connected with every roller and moving part.

3. Precise printing unit adjustment
With linear tracking bearings on the base of printing unit, it can be easily provide smoothing and precise registration, achieve prefect printing.

4. User friendly (Human-Machine Interface)
A well programmed machine-user interactive communicating screen panel (All order is done on those simple panel) helps even a new operator properly follow correct instructions and select desired options. Its totally user friendly design really reduce training cost.

5. Computerized feeding System
On each printing station, there is one independent computerized feeding system. Guarantee the plates move precisely.

6. In-line UV dryers
An UV dryer is located after each printing, and each UV dryer is equipped with high temperature protect cover. The temperature of UV lamp will not damage the printing material when we stop the UV suddenly.

7. Printing without double image and gear mark

Printing colours
4 to 8 colours ( 4 = 4 colors stations ...etc )

Machine weight
(Approximately) 6,000kgs

Remarks: All the coming specification is added to the main machine body and is done at one pass at same time.

1.V = UV Varnish station (Special order)

Max. paper width

Max. speed

Depending on the printing speed

2. Flat bed die-cutter station

Range of cutting
300mm X 200mm


Max. speed

Depending on the printing speed

3. Lamination unit (Can specially order base paper lamination)

4. Cold stamping unit


5. Numbering unit

6. Barcode equipments

7. Waste discharging unit


8. Punching system

Also can be connect with our other products : Feeding machine, Rewinder, Slitter, Sheeter ;

Many kinds of Plastic surface treating equipments ( Coronna , Plama ) , Static electricity eliminator , Barcode equipments by other manufacturers also can be connected in-line or out-line


Max. paper width

Diameter of printing material roll

This machine equipped with precise computerized adjusting systems in ink supplying, paper pulling, printing cylinder balance, UV dryer, anti-ghost imagines, micro tracking, and human-machine interactive screen.

" In label printing industrial of the world, every manufactory exert itself to the utmost for seeking ultimate functions of a label printing machine which is also able to reduce time and cost consuming in order to achieve higher efficiency and quality" According to requests and opinions from customers , HF has recently targeted on shaftless rotary label printing machine design for a certain period. Now the outcome

A set of triple anti-shadow rollers completely eliminates any possibility of ghost image and gear mark occurred in each printing unit.

8. All purpose plates cylinder
Special plate cylinder setting is designed for various label production, it also make replacement of plate cylinder extremely quick and much more convenient.

9. Widely usable UV varnishing unit (Need special order)
The in-line UV varnishing unit is able to perform whole image area varnishing or pattern varnishing for photopolymer plate.

10. Improved impression magnetic plate
Magnetic plate can guarantee the printing pressure equal.

11. Railed printing station.
The printing station is put on rail. The printing station can be easy adjusted front and back. The printing system is hongfat patent.


12. Patent printing theory and station and color compound----save time

The patent printing station can also be allowed to adjust clockwise and anti-clockwise. This function make the time of adjusting the plate within 5 minutes.

From the second printing station, each prrinting station has a color photo sensor. Each photo find the mark which is setted by the first printing station. Then, give the signal to PLC. The PLC give the singal to motor of the printing station. The motor turn the rod with screw. The printing station move left right, back and stern according the distance to the mark. The motor stop at the position when the two color can be fully compounded.


13. The machine use one two-sides- pulling paper system----save money

One two-sides- pulling paper system make print qualified label without UV possible. Without UVs high consumption, the customer can save great money.

HF are pleased to introduce a next generation label printing machine, not only designed to be better efficiency and easy to operate but also to achieve durability and reliability.

Applicable printing material :

Generally speaking all the printing materials just not too shrinkable or stretchable can be printed in this machine , such as : Art paper , Mirror coat paper , Foil paper , PET , PVC , PP , PE , Electrostatic paper , Hologram ( Laser ) film , Phosphoresent film ,
Flockings paper , Binding cloth , Textile , Cardboard , Kraft , Crepe paper , Thermal paper ...etc

HF can easily doing second pass printing it improve polychrome printing product, we use Banner high quality photoelectric cell its scanning is accurate and fairly steadiness, it can also doing back side printing.

HF use Human control interface let engineer easy to learn with, engineer just need to set in the working way, and the printing size with the printing speed and the data into the computer program(we use easy understand panel), than it will run automatically. When there is wrong operate progress or un-normal manipulate the Human control interface will send the message to the new operator make the new learner can learn faster.

HF designs the plate cylinder focusing on ergonomics, so we make human cylinder. The processor can easily change the plate using the double side stickiness material without removing the cylinder.

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