Insulating Glass Production Line

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Post Date: Mar 13,2012

Product Description: Insulating Glass Production Line


Insulating Glass Production Line


Introduction of Main Equipment in Production Line


Melting System

The main equipment includes batch mixer, melting furnace, feeder, furnace platform, firebox, etc.

1. Batch mixer equipment includes crusher, mixer and weighing apparatus.

2. Melting furnace is built with refractory materials, and it uses natural gas as fuel.

3. Feeder is the machine that feeds mixed batch into furnace in circle-arc diagonal blanket feeding manner.

4. Furnace platform is the foundation platform for supporting melting furnace and centrifuge or other machines to meet installation and operation requirements for equipment on the platform.


Fiber Forming System

Main equipment of the Fiber Forming system includes centrifuge, air/natural gas premixing system, compressed air system and cooling water system, etc.

1. Centrifuge is the equipment that produces glass wool fiber from vitreous fluid. It consists of centrifuge, ring-from firebox, compressed air blowing/stretching machines and fiber distributor.

2. Air/natural gas premixing system is the equipment that mixes the two kinds of gases as per the required proportion, and then the mixture is fed into to centrifuge.

3. Compressed air system can provide high-pressure air for fiber forming to make fiber quality up to the expected requirements.

4. Cooling water system can ensure normal operation of centrifuge under high-temperature condition.


Glass Wool Collector

Glass wool collector is the equipment that collects fibers into crude felt.

It includes collecting device, binder applying device, distributor, induced draft system, driving system, side wall device and cleaning system, etc.

Fibers are collected into crude felt, which is then sent to curing furnace via the transition conveyor.


Curing Oven

Curing oven is the drying equipment that processes by heating and shapes glass wool layers containing binder as per the densities, thicknesses and widths required for products.

In the process, glass wool layers containing binder are sent into curing oven, and conveyed by chain board for heated processing and shaping, to make binder and fibers polymerize into one, producing glass wool felt and board products in certain shapes.

Curing oven consists of furnace body, conveyor, pressing mechanism, hot blast system and driving mechanism. In the above, the hot blast system consists of many heating zones, and each heating zone has a heating furnace, which uses natural gas as fuel.


Conveying and Cutting Machines

Conveying machine plays the role that conveys the shaped products to cutting machine to be cut. The cutting machine’s function includes two parts: horizontal cutting and vertical cutting.


Felt-rolling Machine

Enable the felt to roll felt.


Control System

The production line control system is of high automation degree with convenient operation.


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