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oil and fat refining plant and crude palm oil refinery

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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 13,2012

Product Description: oil and fat refining plant and crude palm oil refinery

Detailed Product Description

Complete set of refining plant:Capacity 10~800t/d.Many heat changing times and full utilization of energy.

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Capacity 10~800t/d.

Crude oil quality requirements:

(1)Moisture and volatile: ≤0.25%.

(2)Impurity: ≤0.2%.

(3)AV (mgKOH/g): ≤7.

(4) FFA: ≤3.5%


Technical performances of RBD oil:

(1)Transparency: Clarification and clearness.

(2)Odour and taste: No peculiar smell.

(3) Color (L.V.B133.4): ≤R1 Y10.

(4) Moisture and volatile: ≤0.10%.

(5)Impurity: ≤0.10%.

(6)AV (mgKOH/g): ≤0.12.

(7)PV(meq/kg): ≤3.

(8)FFA: 0.06%


Process features:


(1)Continuous neutralization reduces contacting duration between oil and alkali, which will reduce oil saponification and refining loss and improve refining yield.

(2)Combined mixing in advance and bleaching by steam agitation, bleaching process with easy operation improves bleaching efficiency and saves amount of bleaching earth used. In negative pressure condition hot oil does not contact oxygen in air, which assures high quality oil is get and acid value and peroxide value are controlled.

(3)The latest continual deodorizer is suitable in de-acidification and deodorization of vegetable oil with high acid value and low level gum. The most obvious advantages of this deodorizer proved in actual production include: very strong de-acidification ability, good hot bleaching effect, high refining yield (enhances 0.4/AV) and low steam consumption etc.

(4)Many heat changing times and full utilization of energy will reduce steam consumption obviously. Other advantages include: easy adjustment and operation, high automaticity and good environment etc.

Supplier Details:

Dawn Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. Xinxiang

Sales:Ms. Mary Yang

Contact Phone:86-0373-2025417

Main Products:Oil refining equipment,greasing equipment,oil pre-press equipment,deacidification deodorizing equipment,oil condensing equipmen


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