pp nonwoven, pp non-woven fabric, spunbond nonwoven fabric, non-woven, non woven fabric, tablecloth

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Product Description: pp nonwoven, pp non-woven fabric, spunbond nonwoven fabric, non-woven, non woven fabric, tablecloth


pp nonwoven


mattress fabric, non woven fabric, pp spunbond nonwoven 


1)Composition: 100% polyproplylene

2)Technique: spun-bonded

3) Density: 10-200gsm(subject to your requirement)

4) width : 2cm-320cm

5) Various colors available

6) Outer packing: plastic bag

7) Characteristics and functions: environmentally-friendly, anti-toxic, water-proof, light weight, fire-retardant and so on



PP Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabrics are produced using a precise extrusion-based technology. The polymer is stretched into a continuous filament and loosely spread onto a conveyor belt to form the web. Air is used to form and lay the fabric filaments.

The nonwoven fabrics produced by Rayson non woven co.,Ltd. are broadly defined as a structure consisting of several sheets of fibers which are thermally bonded together. They are smooth, porous sheets that are made of filaments of appropriately distributed thermoplastic fibers. They are not made using conventional textile systems with a warp and weft and do not require conversion of the fibers to yarn. Nonwoven fabrics are engineered structures that offer limited life, single-use or extremely durable solutions. We are able to provide nonwovens with very specific functions including absorbency, liquid repellency, resilience, stretch, softness, volume, tensile strength, flame retardancy, washability, bacterial barrier and sterility. These properties can often be combined to create nonwovens specially designed for specific applications and offer an excellent balance of product life and cost effectiveness. They can also be used in combination with different materials and offer a wide range of products that can be used individually or as components of apparel, home furnishings, health care, medical products and consumer goods. Some of the more familiar products made using our nonwovens are listed below:

disposable diapers

Adult Diapers in Sizes Medium and Large with one of the best absorption capacities. Features include   good grammage, SAP for turning liquid into Gel and meant for overnite usage. Takes care of Incontinence effectively. BRAND: PRIMECARE.

sanitary napkins & tampons
sterile wraps, caps, gowns, masks and drapes used in the medical field
household and personal wipes
laundry aids (fabric dryer-sheets)
apparel interlining
carpeting and upholstery fabrics, padding and backing
wall coverings
agricultural coverings and seed strips
automotive headliners and upholstery

house wraps
roofing products
civil engineering fabrics/geotextiles
landscaping & gardening

Surgical Face Mask

Bouffant Caps

Surgical Caps

Surgical Gown

Laminated NONWOVEN Gown

Shoe Covers of PE and Non Wovens



       Surgical face masks are primarily intended to protect the healthcare staffs respiratory tract. Some masks are also intended to protect the staff against potentially contaminated fluid splashes and of course the mask should allow easy breathing.


       The hair and scalp area frequently contain large numbers of microorganisms. If hair is kept still from movement then less bacteria is released and the most effective way to keep the hair still is to cover it entirely with surgical headwear.

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Foshan Ruixin Non Woven Co., Ltd.

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