DIY installation home security surveillance systems | send pictures to cell phones | security camera

Price: US $ 70 - 110 / Set
Brand Name: TUTA
Model Number: A80
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 13,2012

Product Description: DIY installation home security surveillance systems | send pictures to cell phones | security camera

We are original manufacturer of TUTA GSM Remote camera. 

How soon you can know your house illegal intruder?

Only 3-30 seconds after the intruder open the door or window.

3 seconds you can receive SMS message from V900 once the sensor activated, 30 seconds you can see the intruder pictures in your mobile phone.

Thats the V900 camera can work for you.


GSM remote camera Product Introduction:

See your monitoring place anywhere, anytime by your mobile phone.

Wire tapping your monitoring place by your mobile.

Know the urgent things (intruder, fire or others) in first time by your mobile.

DIY installation for indoor security: It is a portable camera. It only works with a SIM card and no cable is needed. It can easy move to use anywhere


V900 A8 GSM remote camera is targeted at the home security market. It is an image capturing device based on GSM network. Its wireless portable camera with do-it-yourself installation, just need an ordinary SIM card inside. With SMS commands sent by your mobile phone, it is very easy to control and use remotely.

The V900 A8 GSM remote camera combine the infrared body detection technology with GSM wireless network, and applied in the security area successfully, which break limits of the traditional security system on space time, the user can receive the alarm information including the pictures of monitoring area at the first time the accident happen. The user can get the images from V900 A8 by personal mobile phone or an e-mail box by sending an SMS command. Besides, V900 A8 GSM remote camera also integrates with microphone and speaker. The user can hear the voice of monitoring area, when the user shout at his/her own mobile phone, his/her voice will be broadcasted in the monitoring area to scare the intruder.


Main functions:

1. On-the-spot inspections: Simple to send SMS to the camera, the camera will send the image of the monitoring area to your mobile phone or Email box.

2. Listen in monitoring spot: Call the camera to listen in the monitoring spot.

3. SMS control: Remote control the camera with SMS.

4. MMS alarm: The camera will send picture of the monitoring area to appointed mobile phone once there is an abnormity.

5. Timing defense: Free to choose among different time periods to set timing defense.

6. Timing image: Free to choose among different time periods to take image of the monitoring spot.

7. Integrated with PIR sensor, will detect any intruders at the first time.

8. Alarm voice in the monitoring area: When the user listens in the monitoring area and speaks to the mobile phone, his/her voice can be broadcasted in the monitoring area via built-in speaker of A8 camera to scare the intruder.

9. SMS notify once the external power failed or the battery voltage is low.

10. Night vision: Integrate with CMOS camera and infrared light to ensure clear image at night.

11. Preset 10 mobile numbers to receive the alarm information.

12. Timing to arm or disarm the camera.

13. Built-in lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring the operation of the device amid external power failures.

14. Download user manual: Manual can be downloaded anytime using SMS command.

Note: New functionality can be developed according to customers requirements.


Application of GSM remote camera

1.      Use at home:

-        Install near doors, windows and other areas you want to protect

-        Protect your family and belongings

-        Detect fire and gas accidents and send alarm

-        Monitor your house when you are away

2.      Monitor private outdoor areas, garage, car, barge etc.

3.      Monitor various locations

-        office,

-        factory

-        shop

-        holiday house

-        other important locations

-        Monitor BTS for GSM operator


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