Replacement Apple A1078 battery

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Brand Name: For apple
Model Number: Replacement Apple A1078 battery
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jun 02,2011

Product Description: Replacement Apple A1078 battery

Replacement Apple A1078 battery features:Uses the highest quality graded and sorted LG / Samsung cells.   Provides excellent discharge characteristics. Utilizes state of the art printed circuit board (PCB) design to provide stable and safe performance. Undergone comprehensive quality testing throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. Includes a 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturer's defects. Fit Models: APPLEApple 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 Series LaptopsA1106, M8980J/A, M8980LL/A, M8981J/AM8981LL/A, M9421, M9421LL/A, M9422M9422LL/A, M9676*/A, M9676B/A, M9676CH/AM9676F/A, M9676HK/A, M9676J/A, M9676KH/AM9676LL/A, M9676TA/A, M9676X/A, M9676Z/AM9677*/A, M9677B/A, M9677CH/A, M9677F/AM9677HK/A, M9677J/A, M9677KH/A, M9677LL/AM9677TA/A, M9677X/A, M9677Z/A, M9969*/AM9969B/A, M9969CH/A, M9969F/A, M9969J/AM9969KH/A, M9969LL/A,M9969TA/A, M9969X/AApple PowerBook G4 15 Series LaptopsPowerBook G4 15 M8980J/A, PowerBook G4 15 M8980LL/APowerBook G4 15 M8981J/A, PowerBook G4 15 M8981LL/APowerBook G4 15 M9421, PowerBook G4 15 M9421LL/APowerBook G4 15 M9422, PowerBook G4 15 M9422LL/APowerBook G4 15 M9676*/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9676B/APowerBook G4 15 M9676CH/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9676F/APowerBook G4 15 M9676HK/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9676J/APowerBook G4 15 M9676KH/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9676LL/APowerBook G4 15 M9676TA/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9676X/APowerBook G4 15 M9676Z/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677*/APowerBook G4 15 M9677B/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677CH/APowerBook G4 15 M9677F/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677HK/APowerBook G4 15 M9677J/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677KH/APowerBook G4 15 M9677LL/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677TA/APowerBook G4 15 M9677X/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9677Z/APowerBook G4 15 M9969*/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9969B/APowerBook G4 15 M9969CH/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9969F/APowerBook G4 15 M9969J/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9969KH/APowerBook G4 15 M9969LL/A, PowerBook G4 15 M9969TA/APowerBook G4 15 M9969X/A, PowerBook G4 15 A1106MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4 15-inch Combo drive

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