semi-automatic egg Incubator for hatching eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs DCM001

Price: US $ 55 - 65 / Set
Brand Name: NANDAO
Model Number: ND 133 Incubator
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 12,2012

Product Description: semi-automatic egg Incubator for hatching eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs DCM001


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semi-automatic egg Incubator for hatching eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs DCM001

1,materials "heat sponge plastics"
2,230VAC  all eggs
3,low power
4,High rate of hatchedsize:44*54*29 two boxes  NW3.5kg GW3.69kg "nandao"brand small home use egg incubator Small incubator



 Semi-auto chicken egg incubator


This incubator was made according to the latest findings of the insulating material "thermal foam plastic” and is very economical in power consumption. With careful and proper operation, it’ll output a high survival rate and healthy chicks, to achieve the perfect (eggs) breeding.

Adjustable spacing can also be used for hatching, such as quail eggs, duck eggs and other species. Pan-line traction is available, to accommodate and maintain the water beneath the tank below.

The incubator space can hold 48 eggs or duck eggs hatch at the same time


Simple to use:

View temperature from Sensors Screen

Set temperature with the + / - buttons 



1 Capacity for up to 48 eggs

2 The incubator is made of the insulating material "Thermal Plastic Foam”

3 semi-automatic turning

4 is equipped with three drip device

5 the contact can be easy on and off

6 Dimensions (L x W x H): 510 x 420 x 220 mm

7 Power of heating element: 46 Watt

8 Temperature adjustment range: 20.0 - 40.0 ° C

9 Cable length: 1.69 m



Housing made of thermal insulating foam plastic

Two large viewing window

Temperature control by electronic analog thermostat

Teflon-sheathed high-tech heating system, 46 watts

3 water troughs (for humidity control)

Wire grid (for the slip phase)


Semi-Automatic Turning Stake:

The semi-automatic turning insert is inserted into the bottom of the incubator on the wire rack and the cord (cord outside) through the eyelets in place. Put the eggs on the rods and mark a few eggs with a pencil on a page with an "X" on the opposite side with an "O".

Drag the end of the cord gently until the eggs have turned around 180 degrees, which you can see from the marker.

The next time you use pull cord on the opposite end. In this order, please contact the hatching eggs, if possible, however, 5 times a day.

After testing a good machine, waiting for 3 days, then put eggs in wire-line.

 The incubators is based on the latest technology and the use of insulating materials "hot foam plastics" made of, and low power consumption, have looked carefully at the correct operation of and access to higher rates and a healthy chick hatched.
High rate of hatched
Semi-automatic egg-turning function
Incubation value:
1: Chicken
Incubation time: 21 days. 
2: Duck
Incubation time :28-33 days.

21 days between the first 26 days will be followed by the cooling water column
Into the medium-sized sink, with special attention to the seventh day and 14th days of egg pores.
3: goose
Incubation time :28-33 days. 
4: Turkey
Incubation time: about 28 days.

5: pheasant
Incubation time: 22 - 24 days.
6: quail
Incubation time: 16 - 17 days.

Spezies (Lateinisch) ° C Tage
Bartagame (Pogona vitticeps) 27-31 55-86
Grüner Leguan Iguana iguana) 26-32 64-139
Halsbandleguan Crotaphytus collaris) 28-30 45-86
Leopardgecko (Eublepharis macularius) 26-31 45-65
Griech. Landschildkröte (Testudeo hermanni) 28-31 54-79
Kornnattern (Elaphe gutatta) 25-29 55-86
Königsphyton (Phyton regius) 29-32 55-71
Siedler Agame (gama agama) 25-31 52-91
Stachelagame (Agama planiceps) 30 46
Wasseragame (Physignathus lesueuri) 26-31 56-74
Indische Schönechse (Calotes versicolor) 25-27 70-79
Ägypt. Landschildkröte (Testudeo kleinmanni) 28-32 70-119
Felseneidechse (Lacerta saxicola) 28 37-40
Afrik. Eierschlange (Dasypeltis scabra) 27-30 52-90

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