Compact Heat-pipe Solar Water Heater schematic

Price: US $ 200 - 700 / Set
Brand Name: INLIGHT
Model Number: ILH Series
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 12,2012

Product Description: Compact Heat-pipe Solar Water Heater schematic

Solar water heater

Working Principle of Heat Pipe SWH


Heat pipe vacuum tube is adopted in this system as solar collecting device which is of the most efficient, the heat pipe tip is plugged into the copper cannula which is welded into water tank with the end closed to prevent contamination of water, no water will go through vacuum tube but be heated by heat pipe tip through cannula, so it is possible to remove the vacuum tubes and heat pipes without draining the system. At the same time the water tank itself is pressurized so that it could be connected directly with tap water, which makes your daily using of hot water much more comfortable.


Heat pipe vacuum tube is a kind of vacuum tube which adopts a copper heat pipe inside of the tri-target vacuum tube, The heat pipe is hollow with the space inside evacuated, Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of fluid which has a very low boiling point, So when the heat pipe is heated above the boiling point in vacuum tube the fluid vaporizes, the vapor rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe transferring heat. As the heat is lost at the condenser (absorbed sufficiently by the cold water in water tank), the vapor condenses to form a liquid and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe to once again repeat the process. In this way the cold water in storage tank gets heated enough with a twice heat exchange design.


Designed specifically by INLIGHT to perform efficiently in extremely cold climates, the integrated insulation and the heat pipe vacuum tube produces a remarkable all weather, all year round performance.


Optional Devices:

Electrical heater, as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or snowing days so as to ensure a continous hot water supply

Intelligent controller, automatically controls water refill and startup of auxiliary heating device, more intelligent operation

Anod magnesium bar: Soften the hard water in system so as to protect the storage tank from water scale



3 years international responsibility for integrated system and 15 years for vacuum tubes due to original quality problems


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