XP-142A Biogas Vacuum Pump Used For Suction Sewage Truck

Price: US $ 1 - 100,000 / Piece
Brand Name: Lihao
Model Number: XP-142A
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 12,2012

Product Description: XP-142A Biogas Vacuum Pump Used For Suction Sewage Truck

×XP-142A  biogas vacuum pump used for suction sewage truck 



We have a professional R& D team and all vacuum pumps are designed by it with the use of foreign advanced technology, high-tech materials and advanced technology.



The vacuum pumps are widely used in large, medium, small suction manure, sewage suction truck and special industrial and mining enterprises, especially for schools.



Single-stage rotary vane series vacuum pumps include the main pump, rotor, front and rear end caps, rotary vane, bearings, couplings and other parts, the rotor center-biased at the pump center.


Working theory:

When the eccentric rotor rotates, centrifugal force of the vane in a role close to the inner wall of the pump, suction increases the volume of studio, which was pumping gas inhalation until the vane to the suction end of the inhalation of gas is isolated . Rotor continues to rotate, gradually compressing the gas to be inhaled, the pressure increased, when the pressure exceeds the exhaust pressure, the gas is discharged outside the pump, so that repeated cycles, the air inside the container into a vacuum pumping.



Performance Parameters

ModelPumping Speed(m3/h)Rorate Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Inlet Diam(mm)Max.Temperature(°c)Extreme Pressure(MPa)Dimensions(mm)XP60A10112003Φ4090-0.098266×219×284XP80A1809604Φ5090-0.098359×220×283XP100A2168005.5Φ5090-0.098476×236×264XP120A36080011Φ5090-0.098501×284×310XP141A35080011Φ5090-0.098495×295×325XP142A35080011Φ5090-0.098412Χ295×325


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