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Medical Equipment: Automatic Top-Loading Steam Sterilizer Class N Dental Autoclave

Price: 1
Brand Name: WEGO
Model Number: WG-J80N.L
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 12,2012

Product Description: Medical Equipment: Automatic Top-Loading Steam Sterilizer Class N Dental Autoclave

This medical equipment-dental autoclave is fast, reliable, consistent, safe sterilizer,they are suitable for sterilization of operation instruments, dressing, glassware, culture medium and so on.

Technology advantage of the sterilizer:

1.      Automatic heating and sterilization. Two-channel switch control the pressure, the accuracy can reach ±0.005MPa

2.      0.26MPa design pressure can assure the temperature reach 134oC at place of 3000 meters above sea level and 70kpa of atmospheric pressure.

3.      Sterilization temperature is between 121 and 134, which can meet sterilization demands of many kinds of load.

4.      The max. working pressure is lower than safety valve release pressure during sterilization cycle, thus the valve will not release steam and the surrounding is dry.

5.      The temperature can be set by the user according to the load type.

6.      Real time display pressure and temperature.

7.      LED displays status, the beep will sound once the sterilization cycle complete.

8.      Door cover can get beautiful appearance, thermal insulation and heat preservation.

9.      with 4 casters for easy move of the sterilizer.

Safety feature of the sterilizer

Over-temperature protect: When the inner temperature exceed the limit, the system will cut off the power supply.

Safety interlocking door: the power supply cant be connected to the sterilizer if the door is not closed properly. The door cant be opened if there is pressure inside the chamber.

Automatic release safety valve: When the chamber inside pressure exceeds preset value, the safety valve will release pressure automatically.

Electricity protect: Designed protect function in case of short circuit and leakage current.

Main parameter of the sterilizer

Design pressure:0.26MPa

Design temperature:150oC

Max. working pressure:0.22MPa

Max. working temperature: 136oC

Sterilization temperature: 121-134oC

Sterilization period: 0-60min

Temperature accuracy: 0oC-2oC

Temperature homogeneity in the chamber: ≤±0.5oC

Water supply: distilled water or purified water

Material of chamber and door: SUS304 stainless steel


Chamber Volume
(in Liters)

Chamber Dimensions
(φ x depth) (in mm)

External Dimensions
(W x H x D) (in mm)









WG-J 60N.L




WG-J 80N.L




Supplier Details:

Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited

Sales:Mr. Jianguo Li

Contact Phone:0086-631-5788975

Main Products:Sterilization Equipments

Business type:Manufacturer


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