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foot bath (MP619C)_foot spa,foot spa massager,portable foot spa

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Brand Name: MIRACLE
Model Number: MP619C|||MP619C
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 12,2012

Product Description: foot bath (MP619C)_foot spa,foot spa massager,portable foot spa


foot bath,foot spa,foot spa massager,portable foot spa,foot massage,home foot spa


foot bath (MP619C)



The preparation before use:

1. open aluminum foil package ,take out mainframe  place it where easy to  manipulate                  

2. connect  electric power wire

3. power electrode board,wrist connect with mainframe,sure that reactive area touched skin, skin requested not to dry,should spread on wetting agent,put electrode board into laver,

muscle test not required if not special treatment ,turn on mainframe,cennect electric power

4. press button "mode" go into choose mode,5 modes offered.

then according to "+'or "-"control time,usually half an hour.

if change ,press "start"directly

5. foot immerge into water,start to treatment.

6 .choose mode

a.MODIFICATIONis eliminate toxin mode ,can be used by daily maintenance

b. anode applyed to medicine clinic

c. cathode applyed to medicine clinic

d.TREATMENT is cure mode ,suggest do muscle test,most apply tomedical treatment

e.THERAPYis physical therapy,suggest do muscle test,most apply tomedical treatment

7  while feet dip in water, use remote infrared ray shape belt ,connect belt with computer,FASTEN belt ,

press "mode " adjust different job mode .treat by remote infrared ray.there are"week ,middle,strong"layer.


The operating skills:

In spite of any countries, there exists the difference of water quality. Only add a few salt, it can promote the ion-cleanse to conduct electricity. The capability of conducting mainly lies on the water electric ability. There exists the capability of conducting more or less in any kinds of waters except distilled water. The capability of conducting of the water determines the ion effects and impacts the function of detoxification. If the panel shows down 1.8 ampere, it can enhance the capability of conducting if adding a few salts into water. But for maintaining the machine life, please avoid adding salts

The most normal volume display is between 12 and 18 voltage, 1.8 and 2.5 ampere. If down 12 voltage, it easily impacts the measuring volume and leads to be heated.


The basic way of muscle test

Some patients have serious healthy diseases or sensitivity to the magnetic field when seeing the doctor or acanthi treatment, so suggestion is to do the muscle test before use.

Bend the arm toward inside or unwind it outside;

Will fill a strong force when with pressure, if not, please ask for the special doctor;

Put the forefinger on the users nose and teach him or her to force;

Try the arm again, you will find the endurance of user turns more and more weak. If the user also can endure the pressure, it shows no electrode effects with him or her so not to use the machine. Passingly, can ask the user if he or she has medicine termly and if with the mineral and water even;

If the user with the reaction of electrode, please directly choose it.

The normal test should be guided by the special the scholar but omitted if family use.


Meaning of Water Colors and Objects

Even if not bath the feet in water, the water also will change color because there is the dirt and chemical substances in water which can induce color change. Our body has 70% water which is absolutely necessary in life. The toxin produced from our body is very similar as from water. But when bathing feet, the dirt and toxin from water will not adhere to the container or edges of the electrode plate. The toxin from the body will form mucus supernatant that can be cleaned by the bleaching water or cleanser.

Many different colors and objects will appear in the water during the Ion-Cleanse sessions. Colors such as Yellow-green, orange, brown, black, dark green, white foam, white cheese like particles, black flecks, red flecks bubbles of differing colors, brown particles. Each color and object, as best as we have been able to determine based on correlation performed with an Ion-Cleanse.

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