how to build a gsm alarm software

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Product Description: how to build a gsm alarm software

How to build a gsm alarm;

How to program the GSM alarm systems to work with monitoring center

Set the phone number of SIM card in the GSM Alarm Receiver as the first alarm phone number of the GSM alarm systems.So that the monitoring software can receive alarm signal. All the transmitting and communication is through GSM network.

how to build a gsm alarm is a kind of professional and integrated alarm receiving platform,

which adopts SMS & voice transmission of GSM & telephone network to receive alarm information.

And it is easy for you to check the GSM signal is normal or not;

If it is normal, the RUN and POWER LEDS will be in Red and keep on all the time, and the SIGNAL LED will be in green and blinking. When you call the Receiver, it will ring once.

home security system gsm based is practically used on the alarm center where the police

are on duty. There are lots of functions of this software including receiving alarm information, building user database, receiving SMS and voice, printing alarm details in time etc,. However, this software neednt professional operation knowledge and professional operator. Its display interface is direct observation, living image and friendly, so it is easy to learn and use.

If you want to establish monitoring center for GSM alarm systems, the following items should be included.

a. The GSM alarm main unit.
b. The sensors/detectors you need, such as PIR sensor, Door/window contact, Smoke detector, Gas detector etc.
c. The PH-008 GSM alarm receiver
d. The PH-BC110 Monitoring software with SoftDog.

PH-008 is its GSM Alarm Receiver,can receive GSM SMS data and voice, and transfer them into standard RS232 serial port. It can submit the SMS data and voice to computer by connecting the RS232 serial port of GSM data module and computer.

1).Work with PH-BC110 Monitoring Center Software

2). One GSM Alarm Receiver can manage numberless GSM alarm systems.

3). It is better for one GSM alarm receiver to manage 200 to 500 GSM alarm devices.

Main functions;

1.The software is a kind of professional and integrated platform to receive alarm information, which adopts GSM SMS, voice and telephone to receive alarm infor-mation first in the domestic.

2.It is practically used on the alarm center where the police are on duty.

3.There are lots of functions of this alarm system include receiv-ing alarm information, building database of users, storing voice phone of alarm, GSM SMS, printing alarm details in time etc.

4.Record the customers detail communication information,sach as address,telephone number,the family menbers...So if there is alarming,the operator can contact the family and show them the alarm messsagein time.

5.When there is alarming,the system will read the customer's telephone No. loudly.So if it is at night,the sound can make the operator deal the easily and in time.

6.With the Jpeg,jpg map.You can download the map from the web.And choose your own place, your own language.It make you easy to record the location of your customer.

7.When it is alarm,the moniotr center will send out the map of your customer.So you can get the alarming location at once.At the same time,you can click the mark of your customer and deal the alarming message as the moniotr record.

8.When it is alarming,you can press all the alarm message,including the address,telephone,name of your customer.

9.With 3 passwords.The different managers can have the different rights to monitor the software center.It is very practical and safe.

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