GPS AVL tracker + printer + camear recorder

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Post Date: Mar 11,2012

Product Description: GPS AVL tracker + printer + camear recorder

GPS Digital Tachograph- YW300

GPS/GPRS/SMS tracker
Driver ID card
SD card recorder,
camera,  3G
fuel monitor

    Integrated GPS positioning and monitoring, information display, printer, travel recorder, SD card video recorder monitoring, IC card reader, USB, serial multi-channel data, built-in microphone and speakers, you can think of modules can be portfolio allocation. Standard installation of vehicle design, integrated structure, easy to install.
Meet the national standard GB-T 19056-2003 / Guangdong DB44/T578 standards.

 -Based on the latest international structure of industrial products-on-chip, multi-core structure, powerful
 - Modular design features, the real integration of GPS vehicle monitoring, scheduling and management of all functions 
integration of industrial design, vehicles meet the standards. 

- Built-in TTS voice broadcast function.
  -The SD card interface, a large-capacity SD card storage space can be achieved video
  -remote terminal can be upgraded, and easy maintenance.
  - rich, intelligent interface, enables auto-bus-stop, LED strip screen advertising.
  -modular design with superior scalability, scalable 3G wireless image transmission.


1, signal detection and control: the sensor signals 13, 17 vehicle state detection, intelligence and force off electricity and oil control; define spare output control.
2, vehicle alarm function: 19 kinds of alarm types, 3 kinds of alarm mode.
3, vehicle monitoring functions: automatic vehicle monitoring positioning, regional settings, e-fencing function, GPS mileage statistics, vehicle mileage statistics, the blind make a report function, track storage, auxiliary base station positioning.
4, road detection: road detection, road detection operations, road departure warning detection, road detection speed alarm, entry / exit points report, by the time / lower limit alarm, the associated control site.
5, voice and call features: car hands-free phone, remote monitoring capabilities, voice prompt feature, TTS voice broadcast function.
6 GB / Landmarks drive recorder functions: communication and information display, vehicle information display, information collection and storage, driver identification, parameter setting, data export / import, data and information printing.
7, Han was the big screen: The 8x4 character monochrome display, the display location, travel, scheduling, data information.
8, the image functions: image control features, the image SD card storage and recording, and image transmission.
9, remote upgrade feature: the host program to support remote download, the user updates to the site without having to complete the update.


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