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Product Description: activated carbon fiber filter

I.activated carbon water filter Description 

Activated carbon filtration is a common treatment to remove offensive tastes and odor, color, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and trihalomethanes (a group of suspected carcinogens). Activated carbon will not remove bacteria, dissolved metals such as iron, lead, manganese and copper, or chlorides, nitrates and fluorides.


II.activated carbon water filter Component

Activated carbon filters, usually made up of granulated, powdered or block carbon, act like a sponge with a large surface area to absorb contaminants in the water. Activated carbon, made from coal and nutshells, has a tremendous surface area - as much as 125 acres per pound of carbon. The efficiency of an activated carbon filter is dependent on the amount of carbon in it and the flow rate of water through the filter. The typical carbon filter is about 10 inches high and 3 inches in diameter - enough charcoal to treat about 1,000 gallons of water.



III.activated carbon water filter specification

Water filter housing

Material: SUS 304, SUS316, A3 carbon steel

Operation type: automatic or manual

Filter media: quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand


Filter (Sand, Carbon, Iron and Manganese)Diameter * Height * Thickness (Stainless steel /Carbon steel)Flow RateInlet & Outlet (DN)    MMINCHT/HGPMMMINCHΦ300*1650*1.5 (3)11.8*65*0.06(0.12)1.5*27-9   Φ350*1678*1.5 (3)13.8*66*0.06(0.12)1.5*2 7-9 200.78Φ406*1720*2 (3)16*67.7*0.08(0.12)2-2.59-11250.98Φ508*1810*2 (3)20*71.3*0.08(0.12)2-39-13250.98Φ606*1855*2 (3)23.9*73*0.08(0.12)3-513-22321.26Φ707*1975*2 (3)27.8*77.8*0.08(0.12)5-622-26321.26Φ807*2075*2 (3)31.8*81.7*0.08(0.12)6-826-35321.26Φ907*2100*2 (4)35.7*82.7*0.08(0.16)8-1035-4432/401.26/1.57Φ1000*2160*2 (4)39.4*85*0.08(0.16)10-1244-53401.57Φ1200*2685*3 (4)47.2*105.7*0.12(0.16)12-1553-66501.97Φ1400*2800*3 (6)55*110.2*0.12(0.24)15-2266-97501.97Φ1500*2815*3 (6)59*110.8*0.12(0.24)18-2579-110652.56Φ1600*2965*4 (6)63*116.7*0.16(0.24)20-3088-132652.56Φ1808*3150*4 (6)71*124*016(0.24)30-40132-176803.15Φ2000*3600*4 (8)78.7*142*0.16(0.31)40-50176-2201003.94Φ2200*3760*5 (8)86.6*148*0.2(0.31)50-60220-2641254.92Φ2400*3910*6 (8)94.5*154*0.24(0.31)60-80264-3521254.92Φ2500*3980*6 (8)98.4*157*0.24(0.31)80-90352-3961505.9Φ2600*4050*6 (10)102.4*159*0.24(0.39)90-100396-4401505.9Φ2800*4200*8 (10)110*165*0.31(0.39)100-120440-5281505.9Φ3000*4500*8 (10)118*177*0.31(0.39)120-140528-6162007.87Φ3200*5300*10 (12)126*208.7*0.39(0.47)150-160660-7052007.87


IV.activated carbon water filter Features

1.High hardness: Increases the durability and reduces loss in application,handling and regeneration.
2.High micro-porosity: Gives high adsorption and retention capacity.
3.High density: Gives economy in filter size for same level of filtration.
4.High surface area: Gives high adsorption efficiency.
5.Low ash content: Gives high purity and does not add to contaminant load of adsorbate. 


V.activated carbon water filter  application

 Pharmacy and Hospital
Chemical Industry
Underground Water Softening
Electricity and Micro Electronics
Electric Component Manufacturing
Printing and Dyeing
Domestic Use







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