DC motor controller, hub motor controller

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Post Date: Mar 11,2012

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We supply high quality Infineon Type controllers fitted with the very best Imported components for critical parts such as International Rectifier Mosfets and Low ESR, high Temperature Imported Capacitors. The Infineon controllers are programmable and have many features that can be implemented such as 3-level programmable speed switch, programmable battery/phase currents, cruise control and re-generative braking. These controllers are well known in the market to discerning customers so have added perceived value. They can also be fitted with the connector for the popular Cycle Analyst and with sufficient order quantity we can also supply a custom wiring loom to give a tidier and more professional installation or fit connectors to your requirements.


Another big plus for these high end Controllers is the massive power handling and reliability they offer in a much smaller package than low end controllers generally available on the market. Our small 6 Fet controller, fitted with genuine imported IRFB4110 Mosfets (not the cheaper, and inferior, fake IR mosfets that are very common in China and can be easily spotted if you know what to look for) has a very safe and conservative battery current rating of 25A and can be used with Battery packs from 36 to 72V with maximum battery voltage of 90V. A low end controller will need at least 12 or more low quality mosfets to supply equivalent power levels but with much less safety margin or reliability, will likely be more than double the size, with limited functionality, cannot be easily re-programmed and are generally limited to a max input voltage of 48V. Our 12 Mosfet IRFB4110 equipped controller has a very conservative continuous battery current rating of 35A, max current of 45A, but many users re-program them for much higher current levels without issues. The heart of a good controller is the components used and these are internationally priced.









(1). Under-voltage Protection

(2). Overload Protection

(3). Motor Block Protection

(4). Short Circuit Protection

(5). Overheat Protection

(6). Soft-start in 5 seconds

(7). Brake in 3 seconds


MAC offers the best price-to-performance ratio in the market. We take pride in our products and back them up with good customer service. Our Engineering team is constantly working on developing and improving our products and we have a Western Sales Manager so there are absolutely no problems with communications in English. The Management team and Key Engineering members also have a good level of English, so doing with Business with us will be easy. We are located in Pudong, only about 45mins taxi from Pudong International Airport.


We are now seeking International Distributors for our Products. If you require good quality and high performance at a reasonable price I’m sure we can meet/exceed your requirements. If you want the cheapest and barely adequate products, we may not be the right choice for you.


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MAC Shanghai Brushless Motor Company Ltd.

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