Price: US $ 63,000 - 78,000 / Set
Brand Name: Yuli
Model Number: YLH-400
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 11,2012

Product Description: New! Fly ash brick making machine

Deatails of Fly ash brick making machine


There is four stage for making the light weight brick.

1.Weigh batching and mixing

The raw materials are transporte from storge silos into weigh bins above the batch mixer. Mix water and any slurried material are weighed or volumetrically dosed into the batch mixer


A low-viscosity water-based slurry, containing fly ash, cement, quicklime and additives, is produced in the mixer. Finely divided aluminium powder is the final raw material added to the mix. Atatal mixing timeof 2-4min is typical, but the aluminium powder is dispersed for only 10-20s before the slurry is discharged from the mixer into oiled rectangular steel moulds.


In this stage, the block can be cut any size according to the need of user


Aerated concrete cannot be cured by dry heat along. This drive water of hydraion from the cellular structure and prevent the formation of calcium silicate hydrates and calcium aluminosilicate hydrates. Autoclaveing is essential because the combination of elevated temperatures and moisture ensures that hydrothermal reactions and the rapid formation of semi-crystalline and crystaline reaction products occur.


Saturated steam condttions are required throughout the autoclaving process

6. Pressurisation

the autoclaves are pressurised at a contralled rate to the desired maximum pressure. This ensures that the AAC cakes don't experience thermal shock.

7. Dwell

The dwell stage is the longest part of the autoclave cycly. the autoclave and its contents are maintained at a set pressure for a period of 6-12h


the final stage of the curing process is the controlled depressurisation of the autoclave to atmospheric ressure, minimising the risk of thermal shock.

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