500W wind solar hybrid power system

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Model Number: S-700-E-L-24V
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Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: 500W wind solar hybrid power system


500W wind solar hybrid power system


S700 WInd Generator :

          S700 400w-12V

          S700 500w-24V


 IMPORTANT FEATURES of S-700( External Controller):



     SMART VOLTAGE ESTIMATE: The external controller can smartly estimate it is connected to 12V system or to  24V system, and can adjust the corresponding input voltage and output voltage automatically! If you connected to wrong system, the baldes will be braked!

     VOLTAGE CHANGE DIY: Would you want ro change the output voltage ? It is very easy, just change the alternator to get the best performance.



       Smallest and Powerfulest: with the highly efficient blades, controller and alternator, the S-600 can provide the maximum output in the world at the same size, weight and rotating diameter.

       Whole protection: The S-700 provide the best protection, for example, the voltage auto-brake, slow down in strong wind (Hysteresis Braking), shut down completely in cyclone, battery charge protect, and so on.

       Over-speed Protection: Fully “utilize” wind power, the blades will not be braked in the speed from 0m/s to 20m/s. Once the Wind Generator “sense” the wind speed higher than 25m/s, it will shut down completely and stop charging.

      Constant Current Charge: In the same wind speed condition, when the battery is becoming fuller and fuller, the charging current of the common wind generator will be less and less, but S-700 can always keep steady charging current, so it can fully make use of the wind’s energy, and, at the same time, it can also effectively protect your battery!



       CFRP Blades: The rotor blades are made of CFRP, and manufactured by precise injection process, so S-700 has the rigidest, the best electric and the minimal vibrant blades.

       Magnalium Frameworks: All frameworks are made of magnalium, just as the body, the face, the hub, the yaw shaft, etc. This material is very anticorrosive and very hard.



       Stop Switch: We provide a stop switch (50amps D.C.), which can be used to “stop” the Wind Generator for service or any other reason. You will find it useful and necessary.

       Circuit Breaker: We provide a “slow-blow” type circuit breaker ( D.C.), which can be used to disconnect the battery and prevents the possibility of further damage in the event of a system or Wind Generator failure.

       Plastic Disk: The static electricity generated from blades rotating will corrode the hub, especially 

used in the sea. We provide some plastic disks to protect the hub from corrosion.



Start in Breeze Wind , quieter,

More energy ouput and high efficient,

Micro processor-based Smart Control.

3CFRP Blades, New Design, with one more swept area, Only weight 230g,

Magnalium Alloy bpdy Casting, NdFeB Permanent Magnet alternator,

Maintenance free, only two Moving parts.



Rotor Diameter: 1.12m(3.67ft)

Voltage Available in DC 12V & DC 24V

Start Wind Speed: 5.6mph(2.5m/s)

Rated Wind Speed:12m/s

Survival Wind Speed: 60m/s

High Speed Control: Hysteresis Braking(Slow Down)

Over Speed Protection: >20m/s Hysteresis Braking(Shut Down)

Mount Pipe: OD: 1.5inch(40mm), 1.9in(48mm)
























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