Finding partners! LED Taxi&bus display gprs moden wireless data issue and contral system

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Product Description: Finding partners! LED Taxi&bus display gprs moden wireless data issue and contral system




Finding partners! LED Taxi&bus display gprs moden wireless data issue and contral system


Based on the Internet, we can change and control the information on the screen at any time and at any place. The software has strong pertinence of advertising information issue and be easy to use , suitable for media advertising information issue occasions such as taxi media screen, bus ads screen, grocery store door head screen, large market ads screen, bank release ads screen, beauty salon propaganda screen, call number Screen of hospital and bank and so on.

Characteristics of the system

n           Stable function, transmit mass data and never lost package

n           Adopt multi channels work mode and word stock, the data is small and a message can be sent successfully within 500 MS. the efficiency is in industry leading;

n           Can choose to release alone or line up, powerful function of user-defined, one message can be sent to numerous terminals (no number limit);

n           Powerful and advanced interrupt continue transmission. There is no influence if the terminal is power off or the taxi (bus) flameouts , message will be sent again after GPRS connects the line.

n           automatically show if the living GPRS is online or not and send process status

n           Server software is stable and reliable, multi-line model can keep mass data transmission.

n           the interface is hommization and the users are extremely easy to understand and operate.

n           Easily send information, users can send information through a computer connected to internet if only software is installed successfully.

n           The safety and reliability of the system: the software users own strict password authentication mechanism; The ID of company are validated by server and the users are validated by database account.

n           strict limits of authority management and division function, define functions between the roles and users, divide into information editor, auditor, publisher and so on, the auditor is divided into first class and second class audit, information must be released after two classes audit.

n           The information which is not through audit will automatic show red words, it will turn to normal black after through audit.

n           Support RSS download and send function, can download RSS news and send to display screens.

n           Publishing software supports communication modes such as local serial ports, GPRS, SMS text messages, all parameters of control card support remote configuration.

n           support both GPRS mode and SMS massage mode, can send message of 1 K bytes, achieved industry-leading position

n           According to user’s needs, software can add charge function module such as advertising time arrangement, advertising expenses statistical.

n           to issue data strict according to authentication and encryption mechanism; according to the needs of users, can use USBKey to run software and only issue information after registering successfully

n           adopt different control card to suit different types and sizes screen

characteristics of Control card

n           Support onekey driver function

n           Support both horizontal and vertical screen

n           Support single and twin color display

n           Support to set any information display any time of any day and the same message displays all day.

n           Support various action modes

n           support 256 pieces of information storage, each message support 128 Chinese characters.

n           Support the function of information insert time display. Information types include common, instant (commercial), alarm, fixed etc

n           Information can be released according to the set time, accurate to seconds; The same information can be set to release 24 time slot a day

n           support exist information read. Support single information delete and delete all function.

n           Support various brightness adjustment, support 0-16 level brightness setting.

n           Support 1-16 level playing speed setting

n           Support onekey time proofreading function of computer interface

n           Has the alarm IO terminals, can press the button to show loot alarm information on the screen in the case of loot.

n           Support software version update, Support Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and English font

technical patameter


single and two color(drive number is in half if multicolor display)

Display points

16*1024(64 words per line) 32*576(single file/two lines)  64*288(four lines)

Scanning mode

1/16, 1/8, 1/4

Communication interface


Communication distance

all over the world of GPRS signal covering


Application environment


Working voltage

DC5V + 0.5 V



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