led cold laser light therapy equipment for Acne Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation

Price: US $ 700 - 7,000 / Set
Brand Name: SUS
Model Number: BL004
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: led cold laser light therapy equipment for Acne Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation



New Non-Thermal Light-Based Cell-Modulation Technology


Bio  Light  combines  the  intense  LED  photomodulation  technology  (photodynamic
therapy) together with the electrotherapy photomodulation (micro-current and LED) to
perform  a  wide  range  of  skincare  treatments.  Bio  Light’s  dual  photomodulation
technologies are similar to natural light therapy and the concept on which they are
based is very close to that of photosynthesis used by the plants: our cells use light as
energy order to carry out many biochemical reactions such as regenerating tissues.


Intense LED Spectrum Penetration and Treatment Functions


BIO-Light Cell Modulation Benefits


1.Stimulates collagen production in order to remove wrinkle and smooth fine lines. 

2.Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots

3.Treats the unsightly blemishes of acne 
4. Reduces skin pore size

5.Treats stretch marks

6.Increases skin elasticity

7.Improves blood and lymph circulation

8.Reduces redness and dilatation of capillaries (e.g.: Rosacea )

9.Improves the recovery from any skin disease



Spectrum Functions:



Blue Light------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Blue light is recommended for clients with sensitive skin or for those who are anxious when receiving a treatment. This phase helps to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation of both the dermal and epidermal layer of the skin.

Green Light ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Green light is the color of nature and is recommended for clients with a normal skin type. Green light therapy helps to detoxify and drain the skin, enabling it to properly self-nourish and self-regenerate.

 Yellow Light--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Yellow light is recommended to stimulate lymphatic and nerve systems and it is used to tone muscles and to boost our immune system. And it   also helps to relax and
restore the proper skin balance.

Red Light------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Red color therapy is appropriate for skin treatment purpose. And it is especially good for greasy and aged skin. Furthermore, it helps to create the maximum lifting effect as well as toning up the skin.



1.No pain, no side-effect and no downtime

2.Remarkably safe and effective on any skin type

3.Non-thermal, non-ablative and non-invasive

4.Fast and convenient

5.Wide use arrange such as face, neck and breast

6.No aftercare needed

7.Absolutely compatible with other skin rejuvenation technology

8.Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen




1.  Intense, Powerful, Adjustable and Wrap around SMD Medical LEDs

 2.  Adjustable E-Stimulation Electrotherapy Photomodulation

3.  Digital Control Technology with Pre-set Programs


Technical Parameters:





Supplier Details:

SUS Advancing Technology Co., Limited

Sales:Ms. Suki Su

Contact Phone:86-20-86258246

Main Products:Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer


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