therapy equipment/ tens therapy/ems therapy

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Brand Name: HK
Model Number: HK-D508A
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: therapy equipment/ tens therapy/ems therapy

Therapy equipment HK-D508A
  Power requirements:
      ≤ 200VA
  Output voltage:
      290mm × 180mm × 90mm
  IF frequency pulse:
  Low-frequency pulse frequency:
      CPU combination of a variety of automatic           rotation modulation 0.1 ~ 200Hz
  Ambient temperature range:
      -10 ~ +40
  Security categories:
      the treatment of their security instrument           category Class-BF
  The use of the period:


Function: This physical therapy device can cure rheumatoid arthritis, muscle aging, stiff neck, cervical spine disease, degenerative joint disease, lumbar hypertrophy, tenosynovitis and other diseases. It also has the support treatment for the stroke hemiplegic, neurasthenia, headache, sore throat, peritonitis, rhinitis, varicosity, mastitis, numb hands and feet, sprains, high blood pressure, prostitutes, dysmenorrheal and other disease.


Feature: 1. With frequency therapy functions, high frequency for treating thoroughly, applied to orthopedics, gastroenterology, internal organs analgesic, active the molecular movement, restore the body function. Mid-frequency applied to blood circulation promotion, can cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular barrier, reduce the blood and sugar, prevent stroke hemiplegic and cerebral thrombus, low frequency applied to activating the skins  molecular movement, excited the nerves, reduce fatigue.

2. Use the newest computer digital technology, color screen display, voice-based navigation, promote blood circulation, choose a variety of biological wave, which change automatically, promoting blood circulation and eliminate pain

3. Simulate the Chinese acupuncture and massage, beating and some other type of massages, can promote blood circulation, alleviate fatigue and restore vitality quickly

4. Physical therapy combines with drug treatment, there are changeable biological waves between the two electrodes, can make the pores open, allows the drugs infect into the lesion part directly, also the device is apparatus with a 60C heating belt, speed up the movement of the molecular in the cells, help the drug to get inside.

5. Low-frequency and intermediate frequency adjust automatically, avoid the phenomenon of fatigue that single frequency brings, so as to make the effect more steady and sustained.

7. New measurement capabilities can detect changes of the heart rate and the health condition of the human body, making early warning for the prevention of disease.

8.Multi-channel electricity pulse output, two group thermotherapy output, one group laser treatment output, one group heart rate survey output. The device can work on several parts of one person or two people use it at the same time, economical and practical. You can choose options according to different disease, with one machine in hand, the whole family can benefit from it

9. High-tech digital circuit design, physical therapy without side-effect, stable performance, safe and reliable.

10. A variety of functions, not only can treat the common diseases, but also can combine with electrodes of cupping, medical shoes, laser sticks, and headphones to perform the related function.

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