Steering Wheel Bluetooth HandsFree Speaker Car Kit MP3

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Product Description: Steering Wheel Bluetooth HandsFree Speaker Car Kit MP3

Steering Wheel Bluetooth HandsFree Speaker Car Kit MP3
1. Basic Function Keys:
(1).CH: channel control
(2).Play/Pause: play/pause control
(3).Back/ VOL+ decrease/channel decrease
(4).Next/VOL-: next/volume/channel increase
(5).Private listen: switch of speaker and FM transmitter
(6).Answer: answer a call, redial last number and phonebook
(7).Hang UP: end a call and power on/off
(8).Number keypad: 0-9

2. Operation Guide:
Connectivity between Car Stereo and Bluetooth device
(1).Install device inside the steer wheel and turn it on. Unit automatically plays the music from TF card.
(2).Turn on car stereo and keep the frequency of FM same .You can choose to listen to music by speaker or car stereo.

3. Pair and Usage of Bluetooth device:
    Mobile phone with Bluetooth function (it is recommended with Bluetooth 2.0 version).
    The profile of Bluetooth have to be headset or Hands free.
(2).Turn on Bluetooth Device :
    a) Press and hold on Hang Up key enter into Power on Device, car kit Bluetooth will show up after 2 second,
    b).Double Press answer to enter into Menu.
    c).Choose Language Select, Backlight time , Reset phone book, Reset Paired, browse phonebook, Synch phonebook
       in the Menu by left back/next key.
    d).Enter into subdirectory by press Answer
    e).Under Synch phonebook, copy the phonebook in from mobile by one press answer, after connect with mobile phone
(3).Connecting your Bluetooth device to your Bluetooth enabled phone
    a).Press and hold on Hand UP key to enter into Bluetooth pairing mode
    b).With the device turned on, go into the Bluetooth options on your cell phone and activate the search option (Please refer to your phones manual for                assistance).
    c).When your phone detects the Bluetooth device as DDD, it will prompt you to enter a pass code, enter 0000 as a pass code on your mobile phone         and        confirm.
    d).After pairing your phone and the Car MP3, they should automatically pair whenever they are in range of each other.
(4).Call out lastest call by answer and make phone call by keypad
(5).Press CH Key two times enter into FM channel
(6).Music Play mode:
    a).Double press Play enter into A2DP to play music from mobile phone
    b). Press and hold on play key to enter into TF Mode to play music from TF Card
(7).Using wireless earphone to hear music or receive call during music playing or conversation

4. Copy and Delete Music:
(1).Connect TF card with card reader to PC
(2).Download and delete music from PC
(3).Please remove, TF card by press hard to avoid losing file or damaging software

5. Trouble Shooting:
(1).Please adjust the frequency by step 0.05 MHz to keep the frequency of car FM same as Bluetooth device if there is noise when playing music.
(2).If there is noise in song or music or screeching sound, please delete them and download again from PC.
(3).Please charge li-ion battery if Bluetooth device does not work. Please open the front end of car charger to check fuse and change it if it is broken if indication     light does not light up.
(4).About the questions you can not solve, please bring it to your dealer. Company will not be responsible for failure caused by improper use.

6. Cautions:
1. Please carefully read the instruction before use for safety.
2. Please check the voltage range to avoid damage or accident if water flow into unit.
3. Must keep it dry to avoid damage or accident if water flow into unit.

7. Working Time of Battery:
(1). Standby Time: 46 hours
(2).Working time: 14 hours by FM, 7 Hours by Speaker
(3).It shows low battery and need to charge battery when the battery mark is empty.
(4).Device stops working and enter into power-saving mode if there no TF card in device.
(5).Device can get power from PC or travel charger by USB cable.

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