48V 1000W Rear Wheel e-bike conversion kits with Brushless Hub Motor

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Brand Name: LongFaith
Model Number: 48V,1000W
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: 48V 1000W Rear Wheel e-bike conversion kits with Brushless Hub Motor

e-bike conversion kits:

1. Mini Motor Conversion Kits:

24V/36V/48V 200W Mini Motor Kits

24V/36V/48V 250W Mini Motor Kits

36V/48V 350W Mini Motor Kits

2. Big Motor Conversion Kits:

24V/36V/48V 500W Big Motor Kits

36V 750W Big Motor Kits

48V 1000W Big Motor Kits


EV Batteries (LiFePO4 Battery): 24V/36V48V A Grade LiFePO4 Battery, safe and long life, with best prices!!!


Brushless Hub Motors



New Style, New Motor, New Technology

Now thinner than before!!

100% in center!!!!

Very Easy!!!




Easy Step by Step installation:                  

1. Unscrew the existing front wheel or rear wheel on your bike

2. Screw on the Wheel that comes with the kit

3. Attach the Throttle and Brake Puller

4. Fasten the Motor Controller

5. Done!


It's cool, it's fun, it's a joy of riding... It's still your bike

Never being so easy to convert your bike into e-bike now!

Cost 1 cent per mile... 20 miles per hour... Time to get your bike ELECTRIFIED!


E-Bike Conversion Kit:

The kit includes motorized wheel, motor controller, speed throttle, power break lever, wire harness

Quiet and Reliable Brushless Gearless Hub Motor (24V, 36V, 48V)

Motor Specifications: 24V/36V/48Vdc/250W/500W/320rpm or 48V/1000W/430rpm

High Motor Efficiency: >80%

Speed: 0-55km

Hub Width: 85mm front or 128mm rear hub motor

Reinforced Bike rim and tire special for e-bike

Box Dimensions:

16", 18", 20" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 50cm X 50cm X 18cm, Kit Gross Weight: 11Kgs

16", 18", 20" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 50cm X 50cm X 22cm, Kit Gross Weight: 12Kgs

24" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 61cm X 61cm X 18cm, Kit Gross Weight: 13Kgs

24" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 61cm X 61cm X 22cm, Kit Gross Weight: 14Kgs

26" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 65cm X 65cm X 18cm, Kit Gross Weight: 13Kgs

26" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 65cm X 65cm X 22cm, Kit Gross Weight: 16Kgs

28" Wheel:  (Front Wheel Kit): 74cm X 74cm X 18cm, Kit Gross Weight: 17Kgs

28" Wheel:  (Rear Wheel Kit): 74cm X 74cm X 22cm, Kit Gross Weight: 21Kgs


Included Parts:

This kit comes with everything you need to convert your bike to an Electric bike except the battery.

Please check accessories lists for batteries.

Front or Rear Wheel (the whole wheel!) with different Watt Powerful Brushless Hub Motor

(The wheel size comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", 26", 700C and 28". Please specify your wheel size and the Voltage you wanted when you order)

Motor Controller

Battery Charger

2 Brake pullers

Twist Grip Throttle

Battery Power Indicator

2ea. Handlebar Grips

Pedelec Sensor

Battery Connecting Harness

Battery Carrying Bag


Benefits of an Electric Bicycle:

·   Fun - You will find yourself wanting to ride more.

·   Health & Fitness - Get more exercise than you normally would.

·   No need to shower at work - No sweat because you don’t have to pedal hard.

·   Environmentally friendly - Less emissions than even the most environmentally friendly hybrid cars.

·   Inexpensive to run - Less than 5 cents per 30km charge.

·   Fast - Cruise comfortably at a higher speed than you could achieve by yourself.

·   Avoid the traffic - Take advantage of the cycle lanes during peak hour.

·   Tackle hills with ease - pedaling uphill is as easy as on the flat.

·   Greater carrying capacity - Tow a bicycle trailer with minimal effort

·   Prestige - Ebikes are a really cool way to get around


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Why we use E-bike?  Why we convert our bike to E-bike?

You convert your bicycle to E-bike, then you can still keep your original bicycle, and at the same time you can enjoy the DIY process.

2. Are hub motors good for climbing hills?

The gearless motors on this website will give assistance going up hills but you may have to pedal also. The 36V models have strong torque and are very good hill climbers! Our axial flux motor is up to 98% efficient and will give assistance at all speeds.

3. What is regenerative Braking?

Regenerative braking puts energy back into your batteries when you slow down or go downhill. The system is similar to the Toyota Prius and extends the range of your ebike without extending your own energy input. It also reduces wear and tear on the brakes.

4. What is the difference between front wheel and rear wheel?

Front wheel is easier to install and can keep your original speed gear of the rear wheel, rear wheel has 5-speed gear.

5. Does your standard kit include regenerative Braking?

No, our standard kit uses standard controller, if you want regenerative braking, you have to change our standard controller to regenerative controller, the difference cost is about USD40, if you want this, please kindly tell us. But one point please pay attention, standard controller is more stable than regenerative controller.

6. What is the difference between standard braking and regenerative braking kit?

Regenerative braking kit can save power, the battery can drive more distance, but the top speed will be also lower than standard braking kit, so if you prefer high speed, we recommend you to buy standard braking kit.

7. Is there any maintenance required?

No, never with brushless gearless motors because there is only one moving part in the entire system, the wheel!

8. Is Pedelec Sensor included?

Yes, and you can install it or not as you will.

9. How much is the minimum fork width for front and rear wheel?

Normally for front wheel shall be 8.5cm minimum, and for rear wheel shall be 13.50cm minimum.

10. What is the charger in this kit?

The charger in our kit is only for Lead-Acid battery charging. Please do not use for Li-ion battery charing.

11. Are batteries included?

No. If you need, we can also supply you LiFePO4 Battery.

12. Do you sell battery?

Yes, we only supply LiFePO4 batteries with Aluminium Case, Charger and key lock. (Only for 36V 12Ah, 48V 10Ah and smaller battery has Aluminium Case, big Capacity battery can only with battery bag.)

13. Do you sell bracket?

Yes, we sell bracket.

14. Do you sell other components?

Yes, We sell motor, controller and all other parts and components.

Supplier Details:

Longfaith Machinery & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Robert Diao

Contact Phone:86-21-52177819,18916758577

Main Products:Car Doors

Business type:Manufacturer


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