hub motor kit&electric bike kit 36V-48V 500w-1000w

Price: US $ 100 - 360 / Set
Brand Name: MXUS
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: hub motor kit&electric bike kit 36V-48V 500w-1000w

hub motor kit&electric bike kit
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Gear   motor   BATTERYMOTOR  WHEELWEIGHT24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)FRONT gear motor 100MM 150w-250w 12"-28"700C13KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)FRONT gear motor(100MMwith DISK BRAKE ADAPTER) 150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)REAR gear motor 135MM+6 CLUSER150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)REAR gear motor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)FRONT gear motor 100MM 150w-250w 12"-28"700C13KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)FRONT gear motor(100MMwith DISK BRAKE ADAPTER) 150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)REAR gear motor 135MM+6 CLUSER150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)REAR gear motor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)150w-250w12"-28"700C13KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)FRONT gear motor 100MM 150w-350w12"-28"700C16KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)FRONT gear motor(100MMwith GEAR BRAKE ADAPTER) 150w-350w12"-28"700C16KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)REAR gear motor 135MM+6 CLUSER150w-350w12"-28"700C16KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)REAR gear motor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)150w-350w12"-28"700C16KG Direct  motorBATTERYMOTOR  WHEEL 24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)FRONT direct motor 100MM 200-350w12"-28"700C15KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)FRONT direct motor(100MMwith DISK BRAKE ADAPTER) 200-350w12"-28"700C15KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)REAR direct motor 135MM+6 CLUSER200-350w12"-28"700C15KG24v-10AH/36V-7Ah LIMN(Frog type)REAR directmotor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)200-350w12"-28"700C15KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)FRONT direct motor 100MM 200-350w12"-28"700C15KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)FRONT direct motor(100MMwith DISK BRAKE ADAPTER) 200-350w12"-28"700C15KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)REAR direct motor 135MM+6 CLUSER200-350w12"-28"700C15KG36V-7Ah LIMN(Bottle/lift type)REAR directmotor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)200-350w12"-28"700C15KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)FRONT direct motor 100MM 250w-500w12"-28"700C18KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)FRONT directmotor(100MMwith DISK BRAKE ADAPTER) 250w-500w12"-28"700C18KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)REAR derect motor 135MM+6 CLUSER250w-500w12"-28"701C18KG36v-10AH LIMN(Frame type)REAR direct motor(135MM+6 CLUSER  with DISK BRAKE ADAPTER)250w-500w12"-28"700C18KG LEAD ACID SYSTEM 24V-10AH SYSTEMOTHER PARTS SAME CHOICE AS LI SYSTEM 12"-28"700C20KG36V-10AH SYSTEMOTHER PARTS SAME CHOICE AS LI SYSTEM 12"-28"700C25KG KIT WITHOUT BATTERY AND CHARGER24VKIT  12"-28"700C7-10KG36VKIT  12"-28"700C7-10KG48VKIT   7-10KG





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