Rechargeable Battery Pack(Toshiba A80 10.8V)

Price: US $ 15 - 40 / Piece
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: N1402
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: Rechargeable Battery Pack(Toshiba A80 10.8V)

Rechargeable Battery Pack(Toshiba A80 10.8V)



1)Battery for Toshiba Satellite A80 M45 PA3399U-1BRS PA3399U-2BRS(10.8V 5200mAh).

2)This replacement battery is compatible with Laptops for Toshiba.

3)Power your Laptop with this Excellent Battery.

1)Does not directly output voltage, the notebook computer circuit boards to protect, extend the useful life of computer.
2)When the positive / negative direct contact to protect their computer and battery, avoid short-circuit burned computers and deterioration of the battery performance.
3)Control of each battery voltage in a safe area and thus control high-pressure life of the computer.
4)Do not discharge under-voltage batteries, rechargeable batteries do not have pressure to avoid a rechargeable battery and a discharge on the performance of the damage.
5)Regardless of the battery or external battery discharge, so that the process smooth, real-time monitoring battery status, power consumption is not diving.
6)Correction of error of electricity, removal of the wrong record, repair batteries, and increase the time of use.

Product Type:Replacement Battery
Cell Type:Li-ion
Voltage:10.8 V

Package with:

1* Battery for Toshiba Satellite A80 M45 PA3399U-1BRS PA3399U-2BRS(10.8V 5200mAh)
Compatible Part Number: PA3399U-1BAS, PA3399U-1BRS, PA3399U-2BAS, PA3399U-2BRS, PA3400U-1BAS, PA3400U-1BRL, PA3400U-1BRS, PA3478U-1BAS, PA3478U-1BRS, PABAS057, PABAS077
Fits Toshiba Laptop models:
Satellite A80 Series Satellite A80-116 Satellite A80-117
Satellite A80-121 Satellite A80-122 Satellite A80-129
Satellite A80-140 Satellite A80-142 Satellite A80-144
Satellite A80-154 Satellite A80-168 Satellite A80-169
Satellite A100 Series
Satellite A100-151 Satellite A100-153 Satellite A100-163 Satellite A100-165
Satellite A100-169 Satellite A100-181 Satellite A100-188 Satellite A100-212
Satellite A100-225 Satellite A100-241 Satellite A100-274 Satellite A100-287
Satellite A100-290 Satellite A100-521 Satellite A100-522 Satellite A100-523
Satellite A100-551 Satellite A100-583 Satellite A100-590 Satellite A100-661
Satellite A100-662 Satellite A100-688 Satellite A100-691 Satellite A100-692
Satellite A100-694 Satellite A100-696 Satellite A100-717 Satellite A100-720
Satellite A100-756 Satellite A100-761 Satellite A100-S8111TD (with Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo Processors only)
Satellite A100-ST1042 Satellite A100-ST8211
(except Satellite A100-S2211TD/Satellite A100-S3211TD/ Satellite A100-S8111TD)
Satellite A105-S4000 Series
Satellite A105-S4001 Satellite A105-S4004
Satellite A105-S4012 Satellite A105-S4024 Satellite A105-S4034 Satellite A105-S4054
Satellite A105-S4064 Satellite A105-S4074 Satellite A105-S4084 Satellite A105-S4092
Satellite A105-S4094 Satellite A105-S4102 Satellite A105-S4114 Satellite A105-S4132
Satellite A105-S4134 Satellite A105-S4184 Satellite A105-S4244 Satellite A105-S4254
Satellite A105-S4274 Satellite A105-S4284 Satellite A105-S4324 Satellite A105-S4342
Satellite A105-S4344 Satellite A105-S4364 Satellite A105-S4384 Satellite A105-S4334
Satellite M100 Series
Satellite M100-ST5111 Satellite M100-ST5211
Satellite M105 Series Satellite M105-S3001 Satellite M105-S3002
Satellite M105-S3004 Satellite M105-S3011 Satellite M105-S3012
Satellite M105-S3021
Satellite M40 Series
 Satellite M40-102
Satellite M40-103 Satellite M40-129 Satellite M40-135
Satellite M40-136 Satellite M40-140 Satellite M40-149
Satellite M40-152 Satellite M40-154 Satellite M40-183
Satellite M40-192 Satellite M40-197 Satellite M40-221
Satellite M40-236 Satellite M40-241 Satellite M40-243
Satellite M40-244 Satellite M40-245 Satellite M40-264
Satellite M40-265 Satellite M40-276 Satellite M40-300
Satellite M40-307 Satellite M40-S331 Satellite M40-S351
Satellite M40-S3511 Satellite M40-S4111TD Satellite M40-S4172TD
Satellite M40-S417TD
Satellite M45 Series
 Satellite M45-S269
Satellite M45-S2691 Satellite M45-S359 Satellite M45-S3591
(Will not work with M45-S165 and M45-S1651)
Satellite M50 Series
Satellite M50-105 Satellite M50-109 Satellite M50-122 Satellite M50-138 Satellite M50-142 Satellite M50-143 Satellite M50-156 Satellite M50-180 Satellite M50-181 Satellite M50-182 Satellite M50-S4182TD Satellite M50-S418TD Satellite M50-S5181TD
Satellite M55 Series
Satellite M55-S325 Satellite M55-S3251 Satellite M55-S329
Satellite M55-S3291
Tecra A3 Series Tecra A3-103
Tecra A3-106 Tecra A3-114 Tecra A3-141
Tecra A3-143 Tecra A3-180 Tecra A3-181
Tecra A3-188 Tecra A3-SP611
Tecra A4 Series
Tecra A4-108 Tecra A4-109 Tecra A4-158
Tecra A4-161 Tecra A4-164 Tecra A4-171
Tecra A4-196 Tecra A4-212 Tecra A4-244
Tecra A4-S312TD Tecra A4-S313 Tecra A4-SP211
Tecra A5 Series Tecra A5-122 Tecra A5-138
Tecra A5-155 Tecra A5-S116 Tecra A5-S416
Tecra A5-S516 Tecra A5-S6215TD
Tecra A6 Series
Tecra A6-S513 Tecra A6-ST3112
Tecra A7 Series
Tecra A7-S612 Tecra A7-S712 Tecra A7-ST5112
Tecra S2 Series Tecra S2-107 Tecra S2-128
Tecra S2-131 Tecra S2-155 Tecra S2-159
Tecra S2-175



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