Replacement Laptop Battery-for TOSHIBA Satellite L355-S7811 PA3536U-1BRS

Price: US $ 19.72 - 22.75 / Piece
Brand Name: TOSHIBA
Model Number: PA3536U-1BRS
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: Replacement Laptop Battery-for TOSHIBA Satellite L355-S7811 PA3536U-1BRS

Replacement Laptop Battery-for TOSHIBA  Satellite L355-S7811 PA3536U-1BRS


PA3536U-1BRS PA3537U-1BAS PA3537U-1BRS PABAS100 PABAS101

Fit model:

Equium P200-178 Equium P200-1ED Equium P200 Series Satellite L350-ST2121 Satellite L355-S7811 Satellite L355-S7812 Satellite P200-10A Satellite P200-10C Satellite P200-10G Satellite P200-10O Satellite P200-10T Satellite P200-11P Satellite P200-123 Satellite P200-12D Satellite P200-12U Satellite P200-12V Satellite P200-12W Satellite P200-136 Satellite P200-139 Satellite P200-13B Satellite P200-13F Satellite P200-13H Satellite P200-13I Satellite P200-13K Satellite P200-13M Satellite P200-13Y Satellite P200-13Z Satellite P200-140 Satellite P200-143 Satellite P200-144 Satellite P200-14O Satellite P200-154 Satellite P200-155 Satellite P200-156 Satellite P200-157 Satellite P200-15U Satellite P200-16J Satellite P200-16W Satellite P200-16X Satellite P200-177 Satellite P200-17B Satellite P200-17C Satellite P200-18C Satellite P200-18E Satellite P200-195 Satellite P200-1B6 Satellite P200-1BK Satellite P200-1BY Satellite P200-1C2 Satellite P200-1C7 Satellite P200-1CB Satellite P200-1D0 Satellite P200-1DE Satellite P200-1E7 Satellite P200-1E9 Satellite P200-1EA Satellite P200-1EE Satellite P200-1F5 Satellite P200-1FC Satellite P200-1FT Satellite P200-1FY Satellite P200-1FZ Satellite P200-1G2 Satellite P200-1G4 Satellite P200-1G7 Satellite P200-1G8 Satellite P200D-107 Satellite P200D-108 Satellite P200D-10A Satellite P200D-10L Satellite P200D-10P Satellite P200D-111 Satellite P200D-11G Satellite P200D-11J Satellite P200D-11M Satellite P200D-11R Satellite P200D-1FI Satellite P200D-1FW Satellite P200D Series Satellite P200 Series Satellite P200-ST2061 Satellite P200-ST2071 Satellite P205D-S7429 Satellite P205D-S7436 Satellite P205D-S7438 Satellite P205D-S7439 Satellite P205D-S7454 Satellite P205D-S7479 Satellite P205D-S7802 Satellite P205D-S8802 Satellite P205D-S8804 Satellite P205D-S8806 Satellite P205D-S8812 Satellite P205D Series Satellite P205-S6237 Satellite P205-S6247 Satellite P205-S6257 Satellite P205-S6267 Satellite P205-S6277 Satellite P205-S6287 Satellite P205-S6297 Satellite P205-S6298 Satellite P205-S6307 Satellite P205-S6327 Satellite P205-S6337 Satellite P205-S6347 Satellite P205-S6348 Satellite P205-S7469 Satellite P205-S7476 Satellite P205-S7482 Satellite P205-S7484 Satellite P205 Series Satellite P300-ST3014 Satellite P305D-S8816 Satellite P305D-S8818 Satellite P305D-S8819 Satellite P305-S8814 Satellite P305-S8820 Satellite P305-S8822 Satellite P305-S8823 Satellite P305-S8824 Satellite P305-S8825 Satellite P305-S8826 Satellite Pro P200-14W Satellite Pro P200-150 Satellite Pro P200-15E Satellite Pro P200-19R Satellite Pro P200HD-1DT Satellite Pro P200HD-1DV Satellite Pro P200 Series Satellite Pro P300-14P Satellite Pro P300-14Q Satellite Pro P300-14R Satellite Pro P300-14S Satellite Pro P300-16V Satellite X200-203 Satellite X200-20C Satellite X200-20F Satellite X200-20G Satellite X200-20J Satellite X200-20O Satellite X200-20S Satellite X200-213 Satellite X200-214 Satellite X200-219 Satellite X200-21D Satellite X200-21E Satellite X200-21F Satellite X200-21L Satellite X200-21P Satellite X200-21U Satellite X200-21V Satellite X200-21W Satellite X200-21X Satellite X200-21Y Satellite X200 Series Satellite X205-S7483 Satellite X205-S9349 Satellite X205-S9359 Satellite X205-S9800 Satellite X205-S9810 Satellite X205 Series Satellite X205-SLi1 Satellite X205-SLi2 Satellite X205-SLi3 Satellite X205-SLi4 Satellite X205-SLi5 Satellite X205-SLi6 Satellite Pro L350 series Satellite L350 Satellite L355D-S7815 Satellite L355D Series Satellite L355-S7811 Satellite L355-S7812 Satellite L355-S7817 Satellite L355-S7827 Satellite L355-S7831 Satellite L355-S7834 Satellite L355-S7900 Satellite L355-S7902 Satellite L355-S7905 Satellite L355-S7907 Satellite L355-S7915 Satellite L355 Series

Product Advantages
1. 100% OEM compatible
2. Factory directly offer, competitive price
3. Strictly control for quality assurance
4. RMA: 2% made of Chinese Grade A cells
5. 12 month warranty
 Win-hsin Advantages
1. Professional laptop battery manufactory with 7 years experiences
2. Strong R&D department to design new models
3. Good pre-sale and after-sales service
4. Over 17 brands and 400 models for your option
5. Best technical support from our R&D department
 Using tips for TOSHIBA PA3536U-1BRS replacement laptop battery,
1. Upon initial use (or after a prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
2. If the battery will not be used for a month or longer, it’s recommended that it is removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place at about a 50% capacity level.
3. Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the batteryin a constant stake of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.

Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Xinfengtai Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Jessie liu

Contact Phone:86-0755-83003487

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