2012 PS-601 Digital wireless door peephole camera viewer for home security with wholesale price

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Brand Name: TEC
Model Number: PS-601
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: 2012 PS-601 Digital wireless door peephole camera viewer for home security with wholesale price

              Digital peephole view  PS-601

Prouction specification:

1. The common peephole in anti-theft door consists of two concave and convex lens. When seeing outside from inside door,  the image outside will fall on the lens and finally get a bigger image. But because of lens, it is easy to be peeped.

2. Digital Electrical peephole plays an important role in home anti-theft door monitor and it  is composed of digital camera, mainframe, display screen. It collects images by camera and then show images on screen. According to user's need , take photos . In fact, it is a digital camera. It solves the problem of the old with poor eyesight or the young,. Our product adopts camera instead of the common peephole, in fact, the outside images have already been monitored and user also can see outside by screen to improve the safety.

3.  When install, user need not change the size and take out the common peephole then install new product. It is wireless, beautiful and convenientSpecification and              

Patent design: use peephole, wireless, very simple and safe.


1. The operation is simple and safe: press the button then will see an image so that guarantee safety.

2. High-resolution image: 300,000 pixel provide clear and vivid image,  LCD screen  superior to traditional door-bell.

3. Simple DIY: only need five minutes to install.

4. Recognition superior to traditional ones: it can show images clearly and smoothly, moreover, it can not be twisted or distorted.

5. Users are not limited: even the old with poor eyesight or the little kids.

6. Super province electricity: taking two AA batteries and special power management technology(about 1700 times the switch to watch)

7. Low power remind function: When the power is not enough, the indicator at the right bottom of screen emits light. It shows that we should change battery immediately.

8. Super vision:  Lens54 angle  the outside 190 angle image store function. If press the button, then will watch outside and take photos.

9. Two models (used for differently-thick door) Model-12mm uvdicon(used widely) (the thickness of door:3.5-5.7 centimetre) (1.38-2.24inches)       Model-14mm uvdicon(used for cold countries) ( the thickness of door: 4.0-6.9 centimetre) (1.57-2.72inches).

10. Sensor: 300,000 CMOS illuminated sensor pixel.

11. LCD Screen: 2.2" TFT  LCD Resolution: 320*320

12. Visual angle: Regardless of the above pet, the visual angle of screen: up to down is 65 degree, and right to left is 75 degree.

13. Accessories: Base flange,  DIY tightening tool,  Peephole,  Barrel&Lens.

14. Inner-contain: two pcs AA batteries( it can be used for long to 1800 times)  and  user's manual.









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