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ZFC pure steam sterilizer

Price: US $ 6,000 - 80,000 / Unit
Brand Name: Tianding
Model Number: ZFC-500
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 10,2012

Product Description: ZFC pure steam sterilizer

ZFC500 pure steam sterilizer 



The  pure steam generator is clean, pollution free, and easy to use and install.


The machine uses de-ionized,  chlorine-free water as  feed with a conductivity less than 2us/cm.  


ZFC500 relys on high-pressure centrifugal pump for fully automaic water feeding, water level is controlled through a liquid level  controller. The inner pressure vessel is designed and manufactured by company lisenced with pressure vessel design and manufacture certificate, and designated by the National Labor Bureau. 






We have won patents for this machine thanks to the introduction of two-way centrifugal separator. The separator is of two-screw centrofigual separation sturcture, effectively separating impurity, and producing highly purified and pyrogen free steam.


The machie is built on seintific calculation and optimal design, featuring easy installation, operation and maintanence.


The machine is designed based on GMP requirements.


The machine uses deionized water (conductivity less than 2µS/cm), that is free from ammonia and chlorine, maximium water hardness 2ppm(CaCO3).


The whole machine largly consists of  electric heater, evaporation separator, screw centricfugal separator, second separator, Condensate sampler, heating steam valve, water feeding valve, steam valve, feeding flow meter and piping valve etc.




Selection of quality material: separator is entirely made of DIN1.4435(316L), surface comes through acid cleaning and passivation process. Electrolytic polishing is applied to piping connector and valve. Automatic track welding is used for piping connection. Gasket is made of polyfluortetraethylene, ethylene propylene diene rubber or other material that meet GMP requirements. Protection frame is made of DIN14301(AISI304)


Equipment debunking before delivery: offering pressure test record, cleaning record, debunking report etc.


C.ZFC600 Main technical targets:




Heating steam pressure Mpa


Pure steam output kg/h


Heating steam consumption kg/h


Feeding water consumption kg/h




Pump power  kw


Weight     kg










D,Main functions and features 


  The is automatically controlled through frequency variation:

     Upper and lower steam pressure limits setting for the heating boiler, automatically controlled; setting of high, middle and low points for feeding water level, heating automatically controlled. Highly pure steam, free from pyrogen and impurity. Pure steam output pressure is controllable SIP functionResonable and economical whole machine structure, and easy operation and maintanence. Steam pressure rises 30 minutes after boiler is supplied with power. The steam after being removed of impurity by separator is used for heating and sterilizing elements.


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Shanghai Hongbao Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Michael Pan

Contact Phone:0086-21-37526497

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