DS1000 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller (4 port RS232)

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Brand Name: Tibbo
Model Number: DS1000
Country/Region: Taiwan
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: DS1000 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller (4 port RS232)

DS1000 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller
10/100BaseT Ethernet portDS1000: Four RS232 portsIP68-compliant, -30C to +80C rangeDS1002: Four RS232/422/485 portsFree serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application availableDS1003: Four isolated RS232/422/485 portsAboutFeaturing four RS232 ports, the DS1000 is the first member of Tibbo's new family of BASIC-programmable Industrial Controllers.The DS1000 is a winning combination of substance and style. Rugged yet streamlined, its IP68-compliant housing combines mechanical strength with an elegant appearance that will set the DS1000 apart from other devices on your DIN rail.As for what the DS1000 actually does -- this is all up to you. Device operation is wholly determined by whatever Tibbo BASIC application is currently loaded.The product comes preloaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP application. DS1002 and DS1003 versions of the device will be available soon.Hardware

Based on the EM1000 BASIC-programmable embedded module.
10/100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port.
Serial ports:
DS1000: four RS232 serial ports;
DS1002: four non-isolated RS232/422/485 serial ports;
DS1003: four optically isolated RS232/422/485 serial ports.
1024KB flash memory for firmware, application, and data storage.
2KB EEPROM for data storage.
RTC with backup supercapacitor.
Built-in buzzer.
Numerous status LEDs (16 in total!).
Power: 10-24V.
Dimensions: 91x104x99mm (excluding secondary cover).
Extruded profile aluminum body.
IP68 compliant (when used with secondary cover), operating temperature -30 to +80 degrees C.
CE- and FCC-certified.
Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.
Included accessories:
DS1000 waterproof kit with secondary cover, cable glands, screws
DS1000 DIN rail mounting kit
Optional Accessories:
TB1000 terminal block adaptor
12V/1A adaptor: APR-P0008 (US), APR-P0009 (EU), APR-P0010 (UK)
WAS-1499 straight Ethernet cable (for this device can be used as crossover cable too)
WAS-P0004(B) DB9M-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-PC)
WAS-P0005(B) DB9F-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-device)Programming Platform objects:Sock socket comms (up to 16 UDP, TCP, and HTTP sessions).
Net controls Ethernet port.
Ser in charge of serial channels.
Io handles I/O lines, ports, and interrupts.
Rtc keeps track of date and time.
Fd manages flash memory file system and direct sector access.
Stor provides access to the EEPROM
Romfile facilitates access to resource files (fixed data).
Pat "plays" patterns on five status LED pairs.
Beep generates buzzer patterns.
Button monitors the setup button.
Sys in charge of general device functionality.
Function Groups: Strings functions (21 in total!), date/time conversion functions, and hash calculation functions (md5 and sha1).Variable Types: Byte, char, integer (word), short, dword, long, real, string, plus ser-defined arrays and structures.

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