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Brand Name: ORIENT
Model Number: 4BKWS
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: Auto test equipment

The brake procedure curves, maximum brake force, brake force difference, drag brake force, axle deceleration, whole car deceleration, dynamic weight, static weight, side slip, shock absorber efficiency, inertial center movement will be get in second.








Plate configuration

2 brake plates,

1 side slip plate

4 brake plates,

1 side slip plate

2 brake plates,

1 side slip plate

4 brake plates,

1 side slip plate

Axle weight testing range

2,000 kg

10,000 kg

Brake force testing range

2×5,000 N

2×50,000 N

Side slip testing range

±10 mm/m

±10 mm/m

±10 mm/m

±10 mm/m






Aprox. Weight

400 kg

600 kg

500 kg

700 kg


2×1500×650×40 mm

2×2700×650×40 mm 

2×1500×900×40 mm

2×2700×900×40 mm


Features :

Module configuration makes most flexible and plate position can be decided by customer

Very easy installation. The limited thickness (40mm only) makes easy use in garage or on a flat surface anywhere.

There is only 12VDC in the mechanical parts and get rid of any damage of electric shock.

All mechanical parts are made by high quality steel.

  High friction factor between wheel and plate.

  Five Strain gauge integrated inside each plate and well protected

  Surface treatment: powder coating and/or galvanized.

  Standard blue color while other color is available.





Computer system: Industrial PC, PIII, memory 256 M, CD Rom, 20G hard disk,

Electronic data collecting system

Display: Color CRT 17

Printer: A4 jet color printer

Port: RS 232C, Ethernet port.

Cabinet: Aluminum frame, steel plate with powder-coated, dimension: 1600X610X610 mm

Power supply: 220VAC 50 Hz, 1kW

Operation environment: temp. 0-40, humidity 95% (no condensing)



Plug-in installation and easy operate indication

Brake force curve display and print out

Suspension curve display and print out

Dynamic/static weight curve display and print out

Inertial center movement simulating display

Summary report: max. brake forces each wheel, brake force balance, deceleration, dynamic weight balance, drag brake force, suspension efficiency, side slip, etc.

Self diagnostic after switch on and any time when press curtain keys

Self zeroing for each test

Sensors mal-function indication automatically.

Calibration aided intelligence

Test data base

English version software and other language available.

Supplier Details:

Beijing Orient Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Mingzhi Song

Contact Phone:86-10-88891931

Main Products:Gas Analyzers

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company


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