High Frequncy ERW Steel Pipe Machine Line

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Post Date: May 28,2011

Product Description: High Frequncy ERW Steel Pipe Machine Line

The HF longitudinal welded pipe production line is designed to manufacture various longitudinal welded pipes. Fed a certain size strip into machine, through forming roller, steel strip became tube blank, and then used two major characteristics of high-frequency current: proximity effect and skin effect, all current flowed through tube blank interface, so that the welding power comparatively concentrated on tube blank interface, and the tube blank interface quickly heated to welding temperature, at the same time press roller extruded the pipe to make welded seam sturdy, then after cooling, sizing and straightening required specification steel pipe was finished.  We have roll forming mill, FFXflexible forming exact forming mill and cage forming mill, they could produce X80 grade, J55 grade API oil casing pipe, oil and gas pipe etc, meet API-5L, API-5CT standards.  Equipment includes: uncoiler, peeler, pinch roll and leveler, shear and butt welder, accumulator, forming and sizing machine, flying saw, end facing and beveller, hydro tester, roll table, seam ultrasonic detector, hexagon buddle machine  Its specifications and parameters list:ItemMill typeOuter diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)1HG20Φ10.0~21.31.2~2.752HG32Φ17.0~33.52.2~4.03HG50Φ21.3~50.82.5~5.04HG76Φ33.5~75.52.5~6.05HG89Φ42.3~88.52.5~6.56HG114Φ50.8~114.02.5~7.07HG165Φ88.5~165.03.0~8.08HG219Φ114.0~219.04.0~10.09HG355Φ140.0~355.04.0~14.010HG406Φ165.0~406.04.0~16.011HG508Φ159.0~508.04.0~18.012HG660Φ219.0~660.06.0~24.0

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