single layer concrete roof tile machine

Price: US $ 8,888 - 88,888 / Set
Brand Name: Tong Li
Model Number: 125
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: single layer concrete roof tile machine

single layer concrete roof  tile machine


No.1 MYWJ-125 model Tile Making Machine adopts multiple advanced technology.


1.A tractor serves several purposes,large-tonnage,low power consumption,compression molding by numerical control.


  MYWJ 125 has excellent product design,multifunction shaped by fluid pressure,human interface ,advanced arrangement,which supply the gap of domestic.The finished goods are featured by high density,high strength,wide in variety,and the machine can produce many kinds of high-quality tiles which are the competitive products of the concrete products  by changing the mold,


2.MYWJ 125 adopt the best configuration whick is imported with original packaging.


      It adopt the original mixing together with PC, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and gas technique.Full automatic control,the overall system is more reliable and stable,the production and finished product ratio are higher and exceed the level of similar products imported from abroad.


3.Technical innovation,long-distance diagnose.


       With more than 20 years rich experience accumulation and the large numbers of users' feedback,the specific details of our machine are gradually improved.The latest machine has the long-distance diagnose system,our engineer can do data analysis to the user's machine in the farthese place,which is very convenient for the users to do the machine maintenance.


4.Small investment,fast speed,high capacity.


       With high content of technology,fast speed,high capacity(the output per day can increase about 80%).And the product has good benifit and bright market prospect.


No.2 The Consist of Machine


1.Moulding Tile Forming Machine

2.Wheel Agitator             

3.Automatic Weighing and Feeding Machine

4.Bucket Elevator           



No.3 Process Flow

1.Preparing the raw material 

 Cement 1.5  Medium Sand 2.0  Coal Ash 0.5

2. Bucket Elevator

3.Wheel Agitator

4.Automatic Weighing and Feeding Machine

5.Curing Pallet

6.Hand Fork Lifter

7.Coating Line

8.Finished Goods



No.4 Features of Encaustic Cement Tile


1.Unique Water-proof Structure


  Only the moulding tile have the valley bottom structure,which is very useful for the discharge of the rain,and can be effectively to avoided the reflux of the rain.What's more,the higher part of the tile's head can never make the reflux of the rain,even on the horizontal roofing.   


2.Superhigh Strenth


   The tile produced by MYWJ 125 has superhigh strenth,about 1250 KN,and the overall dimension is very accurate(425mm×337mm,about 9 pcs/m²).The density is very homogeneous,the rupture strength is more than 200 KG,which can bear the constructor's weight easily.

3.Convenient  Construction



4.Superhigh Wind Resistance



5.Good Heat-shielding Performance



6.Good Resistance to Freezing and Thawing




7.Good Impermeability



8.Low-cost, high-yielding.


No.5 Technological  Parameter




Overall Dimension

3120×1750×2650 mm

Moulding Cycle

8-10 s

Moulding Pressure

1250 KN

Weight of Main Engine

5.5 T

Equipped Capacitor

5.5 kw

Production Capacity

3800-4000 pcs/day

Tile Size

424×377×10 mm

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Henan Tong Li Machinery Manufacturing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Melody Zhang

Contact Phone:86-0371-64942008

Main Products:Tile Making Machinery

Business type:Manufacturer


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