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Product Description: Automotive Diagnostic Tools & equipment

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Automotive  Diagnostics Tools KitsADD5000·Automotive Short/Open Finder ADD330·Automotive Digital Multimeter ADD51·Compression Guge ADD611·Vacuum Gauge ADD622·Automotive Fuel Pressure Tester ADD500·Automotive Digital Voltage Tester ADD100·A/C Digital Thermometer ADD802·Spark Indicator ADD19380

COP (Coil-On-Plug) Ignition System Quick Tester ADD750

The Coil On Plug (COP) Quick Ignition tester is a battery-operated, hand-held quick tester designed to easily and quickly determine if a COP is producing a proper spark for the plug.

The quick tester works by receiving a signal from the secondary ignition coil. Once the signal is received, the tester determines if the COP is producing the correct amount of voltage and the duration of the arc. If the voltage is correct, the tester beeps and the red LED light flashes; and if the duration of the arc is correct, the green LED will also flash

Automotive Short & Open Finder ADD330

The ADD330 detects and alerts you immediately where a circuit is open.You can quickly and easily Locate short circuits,open connections,broken wires,current leaks and even trace wires.You can also find intermittent circuit problems by flexing wires or connectors and listening for a change in the receiver tone Allowing you general tracing or pinpointing the problem location.It also shows you the direction to the short with its direction indicator,eliminating the guesswork. This professional tool will work on all kinds of circuits with voltages between 6 and 42 volt DC.such as those found in automobiles,trucks,tractors,boats,RVs,etc...With its wide working voltage range.

Item Description
PC Scanner Automotive Diagnostics Scanner Based On PC
Supper Scanner Automotive Diagnostics Supper Scanner
MINI Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Mini Scanner
ADD71 Automotive Sensor Simulator And Tester
ADD730 Ignition Spark Indicator
ADD770 Automotive Spark Plug Quick Tester
ADD91 Automotive Professional Digital Multimeter
ADD81 Automotive Digital Multimeter
ADD51 One-Hand Automotive Digital Multimeter
ADD9702 Automotive Professional Digital Clamp-On Multimeter
XHST2201A Automotive Multimeter Tester
XHST2201 Automotive Multimeter Tester
XHST130 Automotive Timing Tester
XHST2201B Automotive Multimeter Tester
XHST2301 Automotive Multimeter Tester
XHST2501 Automotive Battery Impedance Tester
ADD5000 Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools KIT
ADD9000 Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools KIT
ADD9000A Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools KIT
AF360 Automotive Infrared Thermometer
AF880E Automotive Infrared Thermometer
AF880EK Automotive Infrared Thermometer
ADD802/WT-1 A/C Pocket Digital Thermometer
ADD8708 Pocket Digital Hygro-Thermometer
ADD500 Automotive Needle Fuel Pressure Tester
ADD600 Automotive Digital  Fuel Pressure Tester
ADD611/ADD621 Automotive Compression Gauge
ADD622 Automotive Vacuum Gauge
ADD330 Automotive Short & Open Finder
ADD3300 Automotive Short & Open Finder
ADD350 Automotive Noise Finder
ADD3500 Automotive Wireless Noise Finder
ADD100/GK9A Automotive Digital Voltage Tester
ADD200 / EM288 Automotive Circuit Multi-tester
ADD101 Terminal Test Kit
ADD7701 Brake Liquid Quickly Tester
ADD7703 Brake Fluids Quickly Checker
RHA-100/ATC Refractometer
RHA-200/ATC Refractometer
RHA-300/ATC Refractometer
RHA-503/ATC Refractometer
RBF-020F/022C Refractometer
PDR503F/503C Refractometer
ADD503/JT-100 Non-Contact Digital Tachometer
ADD503C/JT-200 Contact Digital Tachometer
ADD750 Coil On Plug Ignition Quick Tester
ADD760 Ignition System KV Quick Tester
ADD790 Ignition System Quickly Tester (Two In One)
AR814 sound level meter
AR824 sound level meter
AR834 sound level meter
AR816 anemometer
ETA-068F painting thickness meter
ETA-068NF painting thickness meter
ETA-0682 (F+NF) painting thickness meter
ETA-083F painting thickness meter
ETA-083NF painting thickness meter
ETA-0832 (F+NF) painting thickness meter
CM8828 painting thickness meter
CM8825FN painting thickness meter
ETB-0686 Automotive Gloss Meter
ETB6-F1 Automotive Gloss Meter
ETB6-S1 Automotive Gloss Meter
ETB6-SM Automotive Gloss Meter
ETB60-EJ Automotive Gloss Meter
ETT-0681 Window Tint Meter
ETT-0682 Window Tint Meter
ADD4310  Automotive Airbag & Oil light Reset Tool
ADD200 Automotive Circuit Function Tester
ADD210 Automotive Mul-Function Tester With LCD Display
ADD633 Automotive Cylinder Leak Tester
ADD105 Automotive ECU Memory Saver
ADD107 Automotive Insulation Piercing Test Clip
ADD109 Automotive Insulation Piercing Test Clip
ADD2100 Automotive Video Inspection Scope
S-606 Car Air Purifier
S-608 Smart Mug
SV-2Q Automotive Emission Gas Analyzer
SV-4Q Automotive Emission Gas Analyzer
SV-5Q Automotive Emission Gas Analyzer
SV-500A  Exhaust Analyzer

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