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Post Date: Apr 28,2011

Product Description: greenhouse climate control equipment

SANHE greenhouse ventilation  fans are divided into five  types according to  their  different models   the push-pull  fan  (centrifugal fan),the   swinging    heavy   balance hammer fan,double shutter fan,double-sided net  fan,horn-cone  fan. The main differences among  these five models of fan lies in the following  the different ways of the shutter opening,  different  thicknesses  of  the  fans  frame,  different  outlooks,  and the different sealing degrees of the shutters.The above is just a push-pull fan. The shutter opening is mainly driven by the centrifugal push-pull body  in the middle part. When  the fan runs, the push-pull body will be forced to make the shutter open. No matterhow many years in the future the device is used, the shutter of the fan will  always  be  kept  opening  at  a  90  degree.  The  advantage  of  this kind  of  the  fan  lies  in  ,that  the  shutter  opening  at  a  90  degree will guarantee no obstacle from the shutter to the fan blade, thus in a result of big air flow and high operating rate. The fan of this type needs only 4 hours to discharge the air, with one hour shortened , compared with the  other  kinds  of  the  fans  of  different  import  power. Thus  this  fan will relatively reduce the operating cost.  ompared with other factories  in china,  the fan of  this  type produced by   Compared with other factories  in china,  the fan of  this  type produced by our factory has the following advantages 1.  1.the guide bar or the pole on the push-pull,  being separated from the  whole  device,  and  fixed  in  the  metal  flange  on  the  back accurately, thus ensure that the bearings both in the front and in the back  always  keep  concentric  operation  under  any  circumstances, and  that  the  push-pull  body  will  operate  without  any  working question.  For  example,  imagine  that  be  the  guide  bar  and  the push-pull  device  in  a  whole  integration,  when  the  nylon  shrinks and deforms,  the  front bearing and  the back one will easily be out of the controlling of the whole concentricity, which will leave a bad effect on  the quality of  the  air blower. The different  concentricity of  the  front  bearing  and  the  back  one  occurs  just  because  of  the nylon  raw material made  in  the device of  the push-pull. Once  the nylon  product  is  finished  and  comes  out  from  the  mold,  it  will stretch and deform, affected by the temperature and humidity in the air. What  is more, when  the  temperature  and  humidity  of  the  air change in variety, the deformation will vary in a large scale, which is  hard  to  be  controlled.  Therefore  we  take  this  good  way  of separating  the  guiding  bar  or  pole  from  the  push-pull  device  as  a positive  result  of  avoiding  the  possible  damage  on  the  push-pull device.  2.  The  fan  of  this  type  adopt  B-shaped  belt  instead  of  A-shaped, which  will  ensure  that  the  belt  of  the  fan  will  last  longer  time because the belt of B-shaped is three times as thick as the A-shaped one.  3.  With  automatic  belt  Tensioner  device  on  our  fans  that  can automatically  adjust  the  force of  the belt  , we  can  ensure  that  the belt  of  our  fans  can  run  more  steadily  in  the  future.  However, originally, we  did  not  use  the  device  of  the  belt  tensioner, which result in that the belt of the air-blower will skid and be lost  ,as the belt will get  longer and  looser after the fan running for some time. What  is worse, the belt will even fall down when it becomes  loose to  a  certain  degree  as  the  result  of  the  damage  of  the  shutter. Therefore,  the  unnecessary  consequences  are  all  avoided  after  the  automatic belt tensioner device is adopt.  4.  There  is  always  a  layer  of  colorless  and  transparent  film  attached  to the  surface  of  our  push-pull  fan  blades,  which  will  ensure  that unnecessary  wears  and  tears  on  the  blade  will  happen  without  any possibility.   5. All our blades being trained by balancing correction can keep them running  steadily,  and  also  reduce  the  vibration  of  the  fan,  thus extending the service life of the air blower. 5.  6.our blower  fan with  the special design of  recessed carrying handle, not  only makes  the  removal work  of  the  fan  easy,  but  also  does  not affect  the  installation  and  appearance  of  the  blower.(put  handle  out when carrying, and in when not carrying.)  7.the  fans  we  are  currently  producing  have  two  sizes:  one  is 1380*1380*450mm,the other one is 1000*1000*450mm.1380*1380*450mm, 1000*1000*450mm           

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