Evaporative greenhouse air cooling system/equipment

Price: US $85 - 95 / Cubic Meter
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Model Number: Type 7090
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Post Date: Apr 28,2011

Product Description: Evaporative greenhouse air cooling system/equipment

  Jienuo believe thatToday the quality of our product is the reputation of tomorrow market.Cooling pad are widely used in greenhouse, poulry,animal house, farm, factory etc. It is environment friendly energy saving, air purification.Jienuo wet padfeature:1.Imported 100% wood pulp, paper soaking resin, better absorbtion, water-proof, corrosive resistance and longer service time2.Special water-proof cooling pad dedication glue, stable structure, not easy break3.Special ripper process, corrugated paper has high intensity structure4.Fine percolation and absobing naturally ensure drip wet the wall quickly and completely5.Specific sterescopic sructure can provide the largest evaporative surface for the heating exchanging between water and air.6.High cooling efficiency, as high as 85%7.Variety of product , all cooling pad can be customized8.offer all the technical data for you, ensure the cooling pad make good service to you Specification:height:1500mm/1800mm/2000mmwidth:600mmthickness:100mm/150mm/200mmJienuo the principle of wet curtain coolingJienuo wet curtain cooling system of the cooling process is in the base core – Jienuo paper pad completed. Fiber in corrugated paper thin surface layer of water film, when the outdoor air is dry and hot fan suction pad through the paper, the water film on the water will absorb heat from the air and then evaporating the water vapor, so that after treatment The cool, moist air to enter the interior of the. This natural process as if the wind across the water.The external environment, the air dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature at each moment is different. Dry bulb temperature and humidity bulb temperature is low, the more hot weather and the wet bulb temperature difference greater, as shown.Wet curtain can reduce the temperature depends on the temperature difference between dry and wet bulb air to listen and wet curtain time efficiency, cooling the product value is both stable operation of the cooling effect of wet curtain is usually the same. Can be seen in more hot weather, wet curtain cooling the better, as shown below.    Wet curtain cooling design of the greenhouseGreenhouse heat source from: heat conduction, thermal radiation. Heat conduction and thermal radiation heat load depends on the weather conditions, greenhouse structures and greenhouse shade treatment. All of these lead to increased greenhouse heat and humidity should be ruled out by the wind, so suitable for indoor ventilation is a good pad - fan based cooling system.The following is the calculation of greenhouse ventilation rate often used when the rated ventilation Experience:Calculate the required ventilation rate, the pad area in determining when to consider the pad area must consider the efficiency of the wet curtain, resistance and the economy to achieve the right balance between. Pad installed the more the better the cooling effect of course, the ventilation resistance is also smaller, but the investment is higher; and vice versa. Therefore, we propose to choose the light of experience following the curtain wind speed: 100 mm thick pad :1.2-1.5 m / s Basic parametersGreenhouse Shading rate

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