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Brand Name: SHPM
Model Number: AGF
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: ampoule FILLING and SEALING MACHINE

The machine is mainly used for filling and sealing ampoules in cleaning conditions in pharmacy factories.

The machine is an 8 stations, 10 station or 12 ,or 16station step transfer system, design in platform structure. Every step, it feed 8, 10, or 12 ,16 ampoules into each station, to complete the procedures such as ampoules feeding, filling nitrogen before filling medicine, medicine filling, filling nitrogen after filling medicine, , preheating , sealing and so on, it apply for filing and sealing ampoules in cleaning conditions.


The traditional 3 segment sector block is changed into poker wheel structure which combined compactly with screw conveyor, the poker wheel also connect with delivering bar steadily, it is almost no broken ampoule, solved the problem  that adjustment on sector structure is quite difficult and is like to cause troubles.

Transferring component is changed from traditional chain transmission structure into denti-form synchronous belt; it is steady and less noise

Reduce the quantity of ampoule stations and pitches between ampoules, and delivering bar length is almost 1/2 of original one, quite rigid and stable.

Delivering bars’ guide is changed from sliding way into rolling type, to make delivering bar moves more sensitive, flexible and rigid.

Designed the special ampoule positioning device at filling station, to make bottle positioning more easy, simple and reliable

There is adjustment device at heating unit, makes height adjustment and size changing easier

New type of synchronization belt ampoule rotating mechanism, instead of traditional conical gear transmission, it is simple and avoided abrasions on original conical-gear structures.

Detachable sealing box, have beautiful appearance, installation and commissioning is easy and quick

New way to hold the ampoule by ampoule holding bar, you only need to rotate knob when changing size, and inconvenient positioning and adjustment is not needed any longer

All changing parts is positioned by pin, no need further adjustment when change size, all the parts to be clean regularly are designed to be disassemble quickly, in order to speed up disassembly, time economy.

Machine frame is making in complete welded, highly rigid and more stable. There are little parts fitted on the table-plate for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

The machine is protected by enclosed cover, it better laminar flow effect. The whole structure is designed for best laminar flow effect.

with automatic device to control ampoule feeding in case of it is in jams, the washing machine can get the instruction from filling and sealing machine’s signal, stop the spiral screw with not ampoule in filling position

Standard filling system is composed of glass pump, SS pump, creeping pump or ceramic pump according to users’ requirements

standard type filling and sealing machine is adopt cam to control filling, each pump can be adjust independently, and all pumps also can be adjusted or together, advanced type of filling and sealing machine adopt servo system to control filling, with high accurate, all the pump could be adjusted individual or together by touch screen quickly, easily and accurately, besides the adjusted parameters can be saved in group way on the memory of the touch screen.

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